Would You Like to Make $614/hr?

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Would You Like to Make $614/hr?

In today’s update, I show how the Hawkeye V-Swarm system identified a $614/hr trade setup. Would you like to make $614/hr? Watch today’s video and see how it’s done.

Chart Analysis

On the 3-minute ES (e-mini S&P) futures contract, the Hawkeye V-Swarm system identified a “triple-dot” long setup just after the market open today. A “triple-dot” signal is a term we use to show when the slower timeframe trend and volume align with the faster timeframe trend and volume. These are know as “roadkill” signals, and are extremely powerful entry signals.

Usually, we see “double-dot” signals, which are strong signals. But a “triple-dot” signal following ultra-high volume is powerful! It is a beautiful sign of volume and price working together to show high probability, low risk trade entries.

Our system rules are based on following the volume. So by following our simple rules, the trade identified a 3:1, 5:1, and 7:1 reward:risk ratio trade. The trade lasted 6.25 hours and yielded $3,837… or $614/hour. Wow, how would you like to make $614/hr?

The Hawkeye Perspective

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