Netflix in Elon Musk’s crosshairs means opportunity

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Netflix in Elon Musk’s crosshairs means opportunity

Today I want to share with you a groundbreaking technology that would have gotten you into Netflix in December turning every $1,000 you invested into $11,160

The great thing is we’re seeing another setup that could be even bigger.

But first, let’s talk about Netflix.

Last week Netflix’s stock price crashed.

For the first time in ten years, the company lost subscribers.

The CEO blames the loss on password-sharing and the economy.

Maybe, but many think there is a bigger issue at play.

Elon Musk put it best, “The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable.”

His tweet says what many are thinking.

Netflix thinks it’s more important to spread woke ideas than to make good content. People hate that the company has canceled good shows, or changed them, to push some leftist agenda.

This may work for getting praise on social media. But, it doesn’t help make better content and shareholders are responding with their wallet.

It’s not surprising that Netflix is losing subscribers. And it’s not surprising that their share price is crashing.

But, knowing why the price is dropping in hindsight doesn’t make you money.

It’s all about knowing before it happens and Hawkeye users have known the drop in Netflix’s share price was coming since December!

When our algorithm turns all red it’s time to sell.

And if you had known, you could have made a whopping 1116% trading the netflix 55.5, 6 month 30 delta put!

Hawkeye enables you to see what the big players are doing in real time.

These are the guys that make things happen. They make up most of the market. And when their money moves, the market moves. And with Hawkeye, you can follow their money and line your pockets.

In fact, there are several opportunities shaping up as I write this.

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Don’t do THIS with Tesla’s stock!

I’ve got something very important to tell you about…

Everyone’s talking about Tesla right now, and most people are dead WRONG!

If you’ve been thinking about trading Tesla, or are looking into it…

Please watch today’s training before you do anything!

But that’s not all I talk about in the training..

Nooo, this one is packed!!

We’re also going to cover some trade ideas the Hawkeye Scanner has presented for the week ahead and how to have conviction of when and where to buy.

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THIS sector is red hot

The Hawkeye Scanner came today with a report full of opportunities…

And after reading through them I found a GOOD one that I want to talk to you about.

Goldman Sachs.

Investment banks have been red hot and beating expectations.

So I want to show you how to take advantage of this trend.

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My favorite trading strategy and a new ticker

In today’s training video we’ll cover:

The newest trade opportunity – courtesy of the Hawkeye scanner – and how we’re working the trade. Plus, I’ll share the ticker with you.

My favorite trading strategy where I wait until the end of the day to look at the data and pull the trigger with more upside.

And how to use the Hawkeye Methodology to move the odds in your favor.

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Today we’re doing a new training on Hawkeye Trader’s tools…

And we’re going to cover everyone’s favorite tool, the Hawkeye Scanner!

Why? Because the scanner just presented a trade that YOU can take advantage of right now…

Plus, I also cover the Facebook debacle and the opportunity with it, how to know when to exit the trend – and a secret tool I use to do so with minimal risk.

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New tickers, new secret tools and new strategies

A new issue of this video blog coming to you today…

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Full of new tickers, secret tools and strategies that will help you take your trading to the next level.

One of the main things we’re going to talk about today is how to spot momentum/penny stocks BEFORE anyone else and how to make money from them.

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Building watch lists + 3 tickers for this week

In today’s video I’ll show you…

Why the Hawkeye Scanner is such a powerful – yet easy to use – tool to build watch lists…

I’ll give you 3 tickers you need to pay attention to this week.. PLUS, I’ll break the trades down!

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We fire back at Morgan Stanley

J.R. is back today breaking down two amazing plays our new scanner presented!

But that’s not all, because today J.R is going shooting back at this…

Mike Wilson at Morgan Stanley keep pulling sneaky tricks to scare people, but J.R is here to tell you what’s really going on!

Watch today’s training and discover Morgan Stanley’s real intentions

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Free gift from the Hawkeye Scanner inside

Today we’re going BIG with the Hawkeye Scanner!

As you probably know by now, every Tuesday and Thursday I use the Hawkeye Scanner to bring you the stocks that you should be paying attention to.

And today, we are covering not 1… not 3… but 6 potential opportunities!

Both stocks and options plays…

That’s not all though, because we’re also talking about organizing your workday and how to analyze volume when we find new opportunities.

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“3 stock ideas you MUST know TODAY”

Buckle up because today we’re going for a crazy ride!

I’m giving you access to a new, fresh out of the oven training where I cover…

3 stock ideas you MUST know TODAY. Yes, today as in September 16th!

What to do when the market is flat or there’s not much action going on…

How the Hawkeye Scanner makes my life way easier and how it can do the same for you…

And a couple hacks and tricks I’ll reveal in the training.

If you want more stock picks like the ones we covered in this training…

More juicy trading knowledge, hacks, and tricks…

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Maximize your profits with Hawkeye, step-by-step

You already know I love the outdoors…

So the trade we’re covering in today’s video blog is one that excites me.

I just recorded an amazing step by step training on how to use Hawkeye to find amazing trades and how I spot different profit opportunities within the trade.

We are going to start with the Hawkeye Scanner and a great opportunity it presented us.

Then I’m going to show you what data I use to validate trades the right way.

And then I’ll show you a couple tricks to maximize your profits and secure 60% plus gains like it’s nobody’s business.

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What happens when 3 Hawkeye indicators collide?

I’ll tell you what…


And that’s precisely what happened with the trade I’m showing you today.

Because my Big Energy Profit students and myself got into it and locked in a solid ROI.

Watch the video below to see the exact numbers:

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I missed a clear ‘double’ from Hawkeye…

You already know I love the outdoors…

So the trade we’re covering in today’s video blog is one that excites me.

Sadly I didn’t take part in it while it was hot…

And boy, do I regret it — because this stock actually doubled during the pandemic.

And what’s more? 

Hawkeye was sending me buy signals all along the way!

Watch the video and learn a very valuable lesson so the same doesn’t happen to you:

Something else I wish I had done sooner was get the Hawkeye set of tools.

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You’ll Never Look At Corn The Same Way Again

I don’t know about you, but I love corn.

Not only do I love eating it, I love trading it as well… 

And in today’s video I’m showing you how Hawkeye could have helped you spot a nice move on corn futures… 

And I’m also telling you why trading futures can be advantageous when tax time rolls around. 

Check it out:

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What’s Going On With Bitcoin? Here’s The Hawkeye Perspective

Last Wednesday in our weekly members-only Q&A session, I got a few questions about Bitcoin. 

We took a look and I gave them my thoughts on it as viewed through the Hawkeye lens… 

And in today’s video blog, I’m doing the same for you:

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Trading an icon of American industry

You may not know about the company we’re trading today.

But it has certainly changed the way the world has evolved when it comes to infrastructure and construction.

And when this kind of company presents an opportunity like this, you can’t let it pass.

So let’s see what we’ve got here…

And if you want to trade using an icon of the trading industry…

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Trade what you drive… literally!

Both my wife and I drive Toyotas… 

And today Toyota presented an opportunity in the market.

So I didn’t hesitate to jump on it!

In today’s video I’m showing you how the trade played out — and how you can potentially do the same with your preferred automaker!

(If the opportunity presents itself, of course.)

Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the best indicators in the market.

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A new opportunity in my favorite sector!

My favorite sector has been going strong for a while now.

And today I want to break down a new opportunity that hit my radar.

This trade is actually an official alert that I sent to my Big Energy Profit members, so you don’t want to miss it!

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to have the success I have in this sector without Hawkeye.

And whatever sector you’re in, the Hawkeye set of tools will help you thrive.

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How to pick up corrections

The energy sector has been crushing it.

But in any uptrend there are corrections.

So in today’s video we’re going to cover how to short them and grab the opportunity when it presents itself.

Want to pick up these corrections by yourself?

Learn how Hawkeye can help you do it!

How to trade alongside Warren Buffet

No words are needed to describe Warren Buffet and what he’s done in the markets.

The guy is a legend.

Did you know he actually invested all the money he had put aside to buy his house into his own company?

He bought 3,000 shares at $40 in the early years of Berkshire.

And by 2017 his $120,000 investment was worth $750 million!

So yeah, he knows a thing or two about the markets. But that’s a story for another day…

Today I want to show you how to put his knowledge to work for you.

Now I’m not Buffet, but I’ve had some pretty good success in the markets as well.

If you want to learn my method you can check it out by clicking right here!

The new Hawkeye scanner delivers a great trade!

We’ve got some pretty big news brewing here at Hawkeye…

We’ve been developing a scanner for a while now.

And since we started testing it, the results have been pretty amazing!

Just take a look at this one trade that popped up on our Hawkeye scanner:

Want to get your hands on the Hawkeye scanner?

You just need to follow 2 very simple steps…

#1. Stay tuned 😉

#2. Check out this video!

One key ingredient for trading success

Success in any discipline is anything but random.

I’ve always been a big sports guy.

And if there’s someone that knows the inner workings of success, it’s high performing athletes.

To the untrained eye, Tom Brady’s success may seem the result of raw talent.

Which he undeniably has…

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg that everyone can see.

Below the water, though, there’s a precisely calculated routine and a strong work ethic to stick to that routine.

That’s why I’m of the opinion that traders and entrepreneurs in general should behave like high performing athletes.

… And that starts with having a powerful routine that aligns with your trading goals.

A routine is a series of purposeful, repeated behaviors.

Over time, this repetition leads to automaticity, easing the mental expenditure required to complete daily tasks.

For example, your morning routine comes as second nature.

You don’t need a checklist or guidebook. You just do it — and you’re more productive because of it.

Routine is often overlooked because it’s not as sexy as analyzing charts and studying strategy…

But it can be just as important.

If you roll out of bed at 10am and try to place trades from your phone on the way to work, you’re doomed before you even put your “strategy” to the test.

If your approach to trading is random and chaotic, your results will mirror your efforts.

You may experience some sporadic episodes of success, but you won’t develop the habits necessary to sustain a long-term trading career.

There’s no routine that is suited to every trader, but every good routine should…

Be sustainable: If you can’t stick to your routine, why have a routine at all?

Be goal oriented: Your routine should be built around your trading goals.

Give you a boost: A good routine won’t help you be a better trader. But it’ll make you more productive, provide mental clarity, and ease decision making — which will lead to improved trading performance.

Be specific: It should go without saying that a routine should be specific and scheduled. Going to the gym everyday is a habit, but going to the gym every day at 7AM is a routine.

Now that you know the components of a well-rounded routine, it’s time to start designing your own.

Routines are not one-size-fits-all. The best routine for YOU is the one that allows you to achieve optimal performance.

Routines are a key component of your trading plan, which we cover deeply inside Hawkeye.

We help you optimize your routine and create powerful trading and post-market habits.

Now it’s time for you to take action.

Either start working on your routines or check out Hawkeye to learn how we can help you create powerful processes to succeed in trading!

>>> Click here to learn more about the system that has helped countless traders take their routines to the next level!

The one lesson I keep preaching to my Hawkeye students

Last Wednesday morning I was running my typical one-hour live Q&A session with my Hawkeye students.

And as you’d expect… we got to talking about volume.

Luckily I found a great trade to explain with real-world proof the sheer power of volume!

Check it out for yourself:

And if you want to join me in these live Q&A sessions where you can ask me anything you want (even what to do with your own trade)…

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