Gold and Oil Prices Surge on News of Iranian Airstrikes

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Gold and Oil Prices Surge on News of Iranian Airstrikes

Gold and oil prices surge on news of Iranian airstrikes. With gold pushing up close to 6-year highs, and oil hitting close to 2-year highs, there are plenty of opportunities to profit from in these markets. In today’s video, I’ll show you how.

Gold Breakout

On the daily charts, gold has broken out over 20 points, hitting over $1550 in overnight trading. I show on the intraday charts how this move could have been trading using Hawkeye software and strategies.

Crude oil also broke out over $64, and is showing bullish signs of a continuation to the $75 area. Again, Hawkeye software and strategies could have show exactly how to capture this huge surge in oil prices.

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Learn to trade the Hawkeye way. Gold and oil prices surge.

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