This Gold Trade is Sick!

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This Gold Trade is Sick!

In today’s video update, I show a gold futures trade that is absolutely sick… in the best sense possible. The Hawkeye V-Swarm system identified the setup, entry and exit with almost $3000 potential profits in less than an hour.

Using a 3min chart of the GC (Feb 2020), I was watching for 6min, 12min and 60min alignment and confirmation for a trade entry. The 60min chart showed the highest probability would be a short.

Once above-average selling volume started to show on the 3min chart, the breakout began. The trade was confirmed with a “double-dot” roadkill signal. This showed alignment of the longer timeframe volume and momentum.

Within 45mins, the exit volume signal fired off, and the trade ended with 5.6 gold points. 1 gold point equals $100, so that was $560 per contract traded. With 5 contracts, that equates to $2800 in 45mins. That’s just sick!

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