Trade ETFs with Confidence – The Hawkeye Way

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Trade ETFs with Confidence – The Hawkeye Way

Anyone can trade ETFs with confidence. In today’s update, I’ll show you how I use two different stock ETFs to always find a bullish trend in the markets. This is very helpful if you can only trade long, especially in an IRA.

In this video, I show how I use my Hawkeye software to identify bullish trends, whether the overall markets are going up or down. I perform the analysis on two stock ETFs: TNA (Small Cap Bullish 3x) and TZA (Small Cap Bearish 3x). These are leveraged ETFs, so I only trade these intraday, and never hold overnight.

The idea is to identify the overall market direction. If it is bullish, I trade the TNA; if it is bearish, I trade the TZA. Analysing the price and volume using Hawkeye gives me the confidence I need to take the trades to their logical conclusion.

You too can trade ETFs with confidence if you learn to trade the Hawkeye way.

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