Volume in Forex Gives You the Edge

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Volume in Forex Gives You the Edge

Many people say there is no volume in the Forex market. Hawkeye uses the volume available in the Forex market and shows how volume in Forex gives you the edge. If you trade Forex without volume, you are at a great disadvantage, and are missing out on many trade opportunities.

Volume is the fuel that drives the markets… without it, the markets would be stagnant. But when you identify volume and price working together, you have the key to knowing market direction and intent. While it is true that there is no single source of volume for the trillion dollar Forex market, there is local volume available that can be exploited. Hawkeye uses this available volume, in the form of tick count, and performs the same Volume Price Analysis as if it were true volume. The results are stellar!

Volume in Forex gives you the edge. Come to class and learn more about trading the markets using volume.

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