Hawkeye is Bullish on ROKU – Find Out Why

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Hawkeye is Bullish on ROKU – Find Out Why

Hawkeye is bullish on ROKU. Finding bullish or bearish stocks is really easy to do in hindsight. But let me show you how I not only identify great trade setups, but how I manage the trade and build into my position.

Using daily, weekly, and monthly charts, I scan the universe of stocks that meet my criteria for size, price and technicals. I follow the Hawkeye 3-Step Entry/Exit Method to make my selection. Then I apply our Profit Accelerator to build the position at key points in the trade.

Hawkeye uses Volume Price Analysis to show the best setups and how to manage the trades, including exits. You too can identify and say Hawkeye is bullish on ROKU. Learn today how to trade the Hawkeye way!

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Follow up: On September 9th, 2019, ROKU posted an engulfing bearish reversal sell signal (price extension on opposing volume). This is an excellent indication to exit the trade and bank your profits.

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