How to Double Your Account Every 36 Days

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How to Double Your Account Every 36 Days

Home run

If you’re like most traders, you dream about hitting those “home run” trades…

You know, the ones that will bring you 100, 200, or even 500+% profit in one fell swoop.

Of course, with so many systems and algorithms being advertised as “the only system you need to rake in 1,000+%,” it’s no wonder why so many traders have these grandiose dreams.

Now, don’t get me wrong — it’s entirely possible to hit a “grand slam” trade…

Home run

But the reality is that they are few and far between.

Discover How You Can Fire Your Boss… And Make A Full-Time Living At Home With Base Hit Trades

Here’s the truth…

It’s much easier to get on base than it is to knock one out of the park…

And, in fact, by racking up smaller “base hit” wins on a more frequent basis, you can theoretically double your account in just 36 days.

Let me explain…

You see, in finance, there’s a mathematical principle called the Rule of 72.

This rule states that if you divide the number 72 by a fixed rate of annual return, you’ll find the number of years it will take to double your money.

Rule of 72 diagram

As you can see, at an annual rate of 4%, it would take you 18 years to double your money…

And while the chart doesn’t show it, an annual rate of 2% would mean you’d wait 36 years before seeing a 100% return.

But what if, instead of an ANNUAL rate of return, you were making a DAILY rate of return of just 2%…

And rolling those earnings over into the next day’s base hit win?

Can you see now how easily you could actually DOUBLE your account in a mere 36 days…

Just by making a 2% profit every day?

It may seem counterintuitive… but the numbers don’t lie.

Consistently bagging smaller gains… 2, 3, even 5%… can add up to BIG returns in a relatively short period of time.

In fact, it’s entirely possible to earn a FULL TIME living by making base hit trades from the comfort of your own home…

In less than 30 minutes per week.

So if you’re ready to learn how you can fire your boss and trade from home for a living…

Enjoying the freedom to live life on your own terms…

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How to Trade On the Exchange Floor Without Leaving Your House

exchange floor

The Secret Indicator Used On the Stock Exchange Floor Every Day

Have you ever visited a stock exchange and watched the floor traders live and in person?

Of course, ever since 9/11, that’s much easier said than done…

But if you’ve actually been there, right in the middle of the action…

You know there’s an energy on the trade floor that just can’t be felt anywhere else.

Open outcry trading

Learn How To Trade Like The Bigwigs On Wall Street

Here’s the thing…

That energy… that palpable excitement that surges through the exchange as a massive opportunity begins to break out…

THAT’S the real indicator those floor traders rely on.

Of course, most trading algorithms and indicators used by Main Street traders like us are based on price and time.

… But the truth is, neither price nor time tell the true story of what’s going on in the market, for one simple reason…

They’re based on historical data.

In other words, they’re what we call lagging indicators

And the fact is, there’s only ONE indicator that actually leads price, rather than lagging behind it.

It’s that rush of energy that erupts on the exchange floor as traders start yelling “Buy, buy, buy!” or “Sell, sell, sell!”

For decades, the only people who could use that indicator were the ones actually there, on the stock exchange floor…

But now, everyday traders like you and I can harness that powerful indicator… that invisible force that courses through the exchange like a million watts of electricity…

How, you ask?


With the power of V-SWARM.


If you’re ready to learn more about V-SWARM…

The ONLY indicator that actually leads price moves instead of lagging behind them…

Then click here to join an on-demand webinar today!

Learn to trade the Hawkeye way.

So, I Thought I Could. . .

By Guest Contributor, Michele Hurlbut

Hi everyone, it’s Michele again.  So, I thought I could just open my charts and start trading my new software without spending time going through all that training. You know, I thought I could save some time and make money too, right? Well, things don’t always work out the way you plan, so here is my first journal entry:

On Friday afternoon, I downloaded my Hawkeye Professional Package and then closed my charts and computer with the intention of getting back to it later that day.  Also, I planned to start setting things up and reviewing the website over the weekend.  Guess what? Yep, surprise, that didn’t happen.

And here it is Monday, and I haven’t reviewed the software material.  I think to myself, “I’ve been trading for a while, and I’m familiar with many indicators, how hard can it be?” So, I thought I could do this.

So I open my charts and my new software, and start trading.  (I bet you’re laughing to yourself right now thinking ‘I’ve been there’ and ‘oh, is she going to be in trouble…’)  Fast forward a few hours and I am soooo glad I was in Sim mode today!!  Yep, total disaster (note: please don’t try anything new with live money!)  I did have a couple moments of ‘true brilliance’ I tell myself as it goes to my target. But reality is that most of the day was utter chaos and “willy-nilly” entries.

Why?  Because my Ego got in the way; I can read a chart! I can read price action! Why do I need to look at videos and learn the way this software is supposed to work? (She writes “tongue in cheek”).

Ok, let’s go back to my first article to you. Do you remember the reason I bought the Hawkeye system? Because the volatility of the market had increased to a point where my current system Reward:Risk ratio did not work.  So then why do I think I can 1) use my current trading style on different colored charts and expect a better outcome (the definition of insanity 😉); and 2) totally throw money away by purchasing a system that I am not taking full advantage of?

Now that I write this on paper, it seems so silly to let my Ego get in the way of my success.  The Ego is a wily creature that creeps up on you when you least expect.  It takes control and then we/I usually end up in negative P&L territory.

A strong person will recognize when Ego has taken over (it may be in hindsight, but it is recognized all the same). Once recognized, they turn the situation around to where their rational self is back in control.  Now they can drive their own “destiny bus” down the Highway.

So, I thought I could jump right into trading without taking the time to learn the new system, and I was so wrong. Now I am off to watch my lesson videos. I can’t wait to see the wonders there! Have a great week everyone!

Join Randy in the next free LIVE Hawkeye Demonstration Room held every Wednesday at 9.30am EST US. You will learn more about volume and volume price analysis and see more examples and live trade setups. It is open to all.

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Randy Lindsey
Hawkeye Traders, LLC

A Hawkeye Volume Setup for +90pips on the EURAUD

Australian flag

There is no better tool to trade with than Hawkeye Volume!


I’m glad you asked. . .

Volume is a leading indicator, signaling the intentions of price ahead of time. You have heard it said that “Volume is the fuel that drives the market”. And traders all over the world gain the edge they are looking for when Hawkeye Volume is coupled with triple timeframes.

Hawkeye Volume and Price

Hawkeye makes volume price analysis simple. The Volume indicator shows whether buying or selling is dominating the market using simple color codes:  Red shows professional selling, Green shows professional buying, and White shows no demand. In other words, it doesn’t just tell you the volume, as with other trading software, but it actually tells you whether the volume is professional BUYING or professional SELLING.

Below is a nice example of a 15 minute EURAUD setup:

Hawkeye Volume leads to +90 pip EURAUD Setup

Notice how just before the big price move down, that Volume signaled the intent of price way before the trend began, shown by the oval and Red price bar extension. The red bar also has a Hawkeye Pivot (yellow dot). Therefore, we expect price to reverse 3-5 price bars after a Pivot. With opposing volume however, it is a compelling signal of market reversal. On top of that, we also see a Price Action Failure, shown by the aqua box on a triple top. Here, volume and price are working together to signal the intent of price to make a substantial move down.

The results were quite rewarding, as this example shows. Using the Hawkeye ATR Levels tool, a 8:1 Reward:Risk value was achieved, yielding a potential +90 pip trade. Note that the entry was a standard Hawkeye setup, following our 3-Step Entry/Exit Method. Our training courses teach this Method. These types of setups occur every day, and Hawkeye Volume is the best at showing you this action.

The Hawkeye Perspective

Don’t sit by and let trades like this pass you up. . .  As a core component of all our unique indicators, Hawkeye Volume leads the way to a trading plan that can generate consistent profits daily.

Join me in the next free LIVE Hawkeye Demonstration Room held every Wednesday at 9.30am EST US. You will learn more about volume and volume price analysis and see more examples and live trade setups. It is open to all.

Click this link for more information or to join us in class.

Learn to trade the Hawkeye way.

Randy Lindsey
Hawkeye Traders, LLC

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