Maximizing Your Profits by Managing Your Emotions: The Hawkeye Trading Rules

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Maximizing Your Profits by Managing Your Emotions: The Hawkeye Trading Rules

The 2020 Presidential Election is finally over…mostly. It was a wild, emotional ride, and there were a lot of key takeaways.

Two that stood out to me were how much we’re governed by our emotions as humans…

And how that unpredictable emotional scale translates to market performance in real time.

When investors are uncertain, the market struggles. When investors are optimistic, the market surges.

And when we have an election as emotionally charged as this one has been, those market swings can be all over the place.

Investors and pundits have struggled to anticipate these changes for years, with wildly inconsistent results. The problem is that financial gurus are usually tracking and acting on outdated information.

When this happens, their recommendations are usually a day late and a dollar short — more specifically YOUR dollars.

While no one can predict the emotions of others, we can track it historically and account for it in our future trades. Having access to this valuable information gives you the power to trade with consistent, repeatable profits, while significantly lowering your risk exposure.

How? Through the science and magic of volume trend analysis. Volume trends are the realized expression of human emotion in the market.

Volume is the ONLY leading market indicator which reveals true market intent, BEFORE it happens. All other indicators are lagged, and will tell you what has already happened… which does no favors for your trade account balance.

Only one tool effectively harnesses the power of volume, practically giving you a crystal ball to predict future market shifts…Hawkeye.

Analyzing price and volume to give us market direction and actionable investment intelligence is an extremely difficult process to not only understand, but also execute…
Unless you have the right tools.

Most traders struggle to master this difficult skill, since our emotions are telling us to exit as soon as we have a small profit in any position. With Hawkeye, however, this skill is mastered easily, as we simply follow our simple exit rules, guided by the most powerful indicators available.

Fortunately for you, Hawkeye is a volume company. Our founder and creator of the Hawkeye software, Nigel Hawkes, has studied the equivalent of a Ph.D in Volume Price Analysis, and this was where his own trading journey started.

Hawkeye is your ultimate turnkey solution to predicting market trends early enough to take action. This gives you access to consistently profitable trades…

…all underpinned by the unique Hawkeye algorithms that forecast the market’s intent based on Volume Price Analysis. If the first golden rule of trading success is to keep things simple, then the second golden rule is to trade without an opinion, and to simply trade what we see on our charts.

The Hawkeye calculations are not influenced by human opinion, political ambition, or natural disaster. Hawkeye simply analyzes the price and volume relationship using a combination of standard deviation and price pattern recognition, which is then coupled with the volume price algorithms to deliver the most powerful trading software in the world.

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be providing a breakdown of the Hawkeye Trading Rules for our top volume indicators. So, keep a close eye on your mailbox, so that you don’t miss this valuable info.

But if the thought of going another day without access to this life changing info is eating you up inside…

Click here to discover more about our Hawkeye and V-Swarm technology and how you can start leveraging it today!

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