Back to Basics: Volume Trading Pt. 1

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Back to Basics: Volume Trading Pt. 1

We’ve said it time and time again:

When it comes to trading, volume is the only true, leading indicator.

For years, professional traders have relied on volume as their trusted source for understanding market accumulation prior to upward momentum…

And distribution prior to downward momentum.

Hawkeye’s Volume Indicator gives you the edge with the ability to see professional buying, selling and periods of no demand.

It’s the heart of my Hawkeye trading method and will help you take your trades to the next level.

Trading using volume is preferential for a number of reasons.

    Volume confirms the strength of a trend or suggests its weakness
    Rising volume indicates rising interest
    Falling volume suggests a decline in interest, or a statement of no interest
    Extreme volume readings, i.e. climax volume, often highlights price reversals
    Points where the market trades on high volume are points of strong support and resistance
    Breakouts and market spikes can be validated or ignored with the help of volume

Hawkeye takes market volume and compares it to other factors, such as each bar’s open and close and the range of a specific number of preceding volume levels.

These variables, together with the average true range of the market price, make up one of the world’s only Volume Price Analysis indicators…

The Hawkeye Volume indicator.

The brain behind Hawkeye is a complex algorithm that clocks more than 300 calculations per volume bar…

Instantly communicating to you whether buying or selling volume is currently dominating the market.

Simply put, other trading software will only tell you the volume… leaving you to guess the rest.

Hawkeye actually tells you whether that volume corresponds to buying or selling pressure.

Buying volume = a Green Bar
Selling volume = a Red Bar
Periods of no market bias = a White Bar

The result is one of the most accurate volume prediction indicators on the market today.

Taking account of the opening and closing bar and tracking the preceding volume bars means that Hawkeye can sense the market mood…

And when combined with the other exclusive Hawkeye indicators, it can give you targeted trade entry and exit points.

What does this mean for you as a trader?

Precision trades to optimize your risk capital at the push of a button.

Here’s what a formerly stressed-out traveling salesman had to say after firing his boss and changing his life using the power of Hawkeye and V-Swarm:

Who doesn’t like printing money? *crickets*

That covers Part 1 of our overview of volume.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we’ll take a look at volume and trends…

But if you can’t stand the thought of going another day without making money on better trades…

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