One Simple Hack For More Consistent And Disciplined Trading

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One Simple Hack For More Consistent And Disciplined Trading

It’s Monday, and I hope you’re well rested and ready to tackle the week ahead!

Last week, we talked about the importance of trading psychology…

More specifically, having the disciplined mindset to focus more on your trading process than on your profits.

“But Randy, the whole point of trading is to be profitable!”

Yes, that’s true…

We trade in the markets as a means of making money.

But here’s the thing…

When you focus too heavily on your profits and losses — particularly when you’re first starting out or in the early stages of your trading journey…

You tend to lose sight of what’s really important:

Developing and STICKING TO a reliable, battle-tested system that can continually produce winning trades over the long term.

See, a lot of traders can do the first part — developing a plan.

Where most traders get tripped up is the “sticking to it” part.

But I’ve got a simple “hack” you can use that will help ensure you stick to your trading plan…

And help you develop discipline as a trader.

Now before I tell you what this easy trick is — and how you can start implementing it today to be more consistent and disciplined in your trading…

I want to show you something that one of our Hawkeye community members posted in the Inner Circle just a few days ago.

Our friend John wrote:

“After many years of trading and listening to a lot of traders, I have found that you have to have your own trading plan and STICK to it.

“Take some time to develop and test your trading plan.

“I used to have a rubber band on my wrist and would snap it before hitting the mouse button to make sure ALL rules were in play before taking the trade.

“Discipline is hard, but it’s the most important part of trading.

“There was a time when I thought 3 out of 5 of my trading rules was good enough… Wrong!!!”

Now, there are a few things I want to point out here.

First, John is echoing something you hear me preach all the time.

You have to have your own trading plan… and you have to STICK TO IT.

But notice that John didn’t say you need any old trading plan.

He didn’t say you need Randy’s trading plan… or Warren Buffett’s, or Bill Ackman’s or any other trader’s plan.

You need YOUR OWN trading plan.

This is key because no two traders are exactly alike.

You have your own way of trading… and if you don’t, it just means you haven’t spent enough time developing your own way, just as John pointed out.

I also like John’s strategy of keeping a rubber band on his wrist and snapping it before pulling the trigger on a trade…

To remind himself to check off ALL the boxes of his trading plan.

Just like he said, 3 out of 5 just isn’t good enough.

Now, the rubber band to remind yourself to check all the boxes on any given trade is a pretty good tactic…

But I want to take it a step further.

This is quite frankly the easiest… yet most powerful trick I know to ensure that you stick to your trading plan for each and every trade.

Ready for it?

Here it is…

Make a checklist.

That’s it.

It’s really that simple.

See, when you have a written checksheet that you go through for each and every single trade you take, it forces you to fully qualify those trades…

And ensures that you stick to your plan.

Now, our friend Anthony posted a handy day trading checklist in the Inner Circle last week that you can reference for this task.

Of course, you may need to make a few alterations depending on your personal trade plan…

But the framework is there for you to see how Anthony qualifies each and every trade he takes to ensure that it aligns with his trade plan.

Now if you’re not a Hawkeye member and you’d like to learn how you can access the Inner Circle and see Anthony’s day trading checklist…

AND learn how Hawkeye’s simple 3-Step Method for spotting and confirming trade setups and entries can make building your own trade plan much, much easier…

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