Trading Friends Are Good to Have

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Trading Friends Are Good to Have

By Guest Contributor, Michele Hurlbut

Hi Everyone.

Making Trading Friends

It has been a little while since my last blog post and I have learned so much. I spent the last few weeks with a trading mentor and other traders who use the Hawkeye system and they are all invaluable on my journey. It has taught me that trading friends are good, no great, to have!

Being a trader can be a lonely business. As traders, we are usually isolated with our computers and screens. We usually can’t talk to our loved ones much about trading because they don’t understand, no matter how much they would like to. That is why having a mentor or a group of trading friends is so important to our success, especially in the beginning when you’re learning.

Why We All Need Friends

Although you may think of yourself as a ‘loner’ or ‘introverted’ (or whatever you might call it,) the human race are social creatures. In our DNA from caveman times, we know our survival is dependant on having others around us that show us our strengths and make up for our weaknesses. Be it brainstorming, fact checking, learning or . . . we learn and adapt faster when we have other like minded people to interact with. Just ask Ray Dalio, the billionaire owner of the hedge fund Bridgewater. He has been lighting up the news channels with his philosophy on brainstorming and employee interactions.

Find Trading Friends in the Hawkeye Chat Room

Hawkeye Traders has created a chat room for all Hawkeye members and it is a wonderful place! When I first joined, the room was a little quiet. But lately there have been many, many posts about trades and strategies for trades. And everyone has been open as to whether they took the trade or saw it after the fact and other details.

One person has been working on a particular entry set up that meets the 3-Step Entry with one added criteria that he has found great success with. Another has picked it up and is also sharing along with his twist. Between the two of them, I have been able to see the mistakes and successes of others and also share in their knowledge. This made my journey easier as I did not feel like I was the only one making mistakes.

Questions and answers have been flying in the room and the camaraderie has been amazing. I have also posted some of my trades to get feedback as to whether I may have missed seeing something about the set up or if I was, indeed, reading the market correctly. This has given me more confidence as I learned to pick out the right market movement and equate it to the lessons of the 6 Ways the Market Moves.

Having the mentor in addition is just icing on the cake.

Join the Hawkeye Chat Room Now!

I invite anyone that feels like it’s only happening to them to seek out and find a group to join where you too can interact and learn from and with. And, if you are a Hawkeye Member, reach out to [email protected] and ask to be added to the group. You won’t regret it.

Great trading everyone and speak with you again soon.



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