Square One

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Square One

By Guest Contributor, Michele Hurlbut

Stuck at Square One?

It is time to open the Hawkeye website and learn about what I’ve gotten myself into. I am excited about the possibilities, and a little nervous about the feeling I have of being “back at Square One.” Have you ever felt that way? Maybe a little frustration about it?

But then I ask myself, “am I really back at square one?”… I am not!

There is so much I know now that I didn’t know when I first started out. I know about support and resistance, what they look like on a chart and possible reasons they form. About trends and how to identify them. And, I know about price action. All these things I did not know when I was at ‘Square One’.

How much do you know now that you did not know when you first started? Or maybe you are at Square One and now you are looking forward to knowing these things soon.

Ah, the relief I feel as I realize I am not at square one. I let it sink fully in. This is only a single step on my trading journey forward. I can’t wait!

First Steps

So I dive in and watch the most recent Members Monthly Webinar (watch the webinar herethis monthly training is normally available to Hawkeye Members only). It is on the Hawkeye 3-Step Entry Method. Randy explained clearly how to use the Hawkeye Heatmap for the current time frame and then Hawkeye Roadkill for the next two time frames higher. He answered tons of questions and by the time I was finished watching the video I felt I had a basic knowledge of what to do.

Learning From Wins…and Losses

With this new knowledge, I set my charts up like he suggested using the time frames I am familiar with. I added the indicators and did some basic backtesting to become familiar with the patterns he showed us to look for. After that, I spent the next two weeks watching the live markets and taking (in Sim) the set ups I thought fit the pattern. There were some good choices and some not so good choices but they were all learning choices. It has been shown that we learn more from our losers than our winners when we study them and don’t just brush them aside.

The Pay Off

And it is paying off. Today I took this trade:

3 Step Entry Method Example Trade

Great trading everyone and speak with you again soon.



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Randy Lindsey
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