How to pick the right tick speed to optimize your chance of emini profit.

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How to pick the right tick speed to optimize your chance of emini profit.

Last week, we showed how Hawkeye Volume identifies volume accumulation prior to the explosive breakouts in sugar and coffee. Today, let's look at how Hawkeye GearBox and gives you the correct tick speed to trade with every day. We will show you how using the Emini futures market as an example.

From Chart 1 below, we see the values that the Hawkeye GearBox calculates everyday, showing you the correct tick speed to trade the Emini. There are 4 speeds calculated, and 3 optimal speeds we use to trade in harmony with the markets, as per the Hawkeye Methodology. (see red arrows)

gear box and gear changer

Chart 1 - GearBox and GearChanger on the ES emini.

At the bottom of Chart 1 is the Hawkeye GearChanger. The GearChanger shows you the correct market speed at any point during the day. It shows you which tick speed based on color, is your leading chart to trade from (red arrow). So, when the GearChanger changes color, say to blue, you know to trade off the appropriate Blue tick speed indicated by the GearBox value for Blue.


From the ES 1540 tick Chart 2 below, the Hawkeye GearChanger shows that the optimal speed to trade is the blue (fast) timeframe. The first red arrow shows where Hawkeye identified a short setup condition. The cyan arrow shows where Hawkeye identified a long setup. As you can see, price went up 5 ATR Levels (averate true range - shown by the Hawkeye Levels ATR indicator), and put in a Pivot High (yellow dot).

emini tick

Chart 2 - ES Emini Futures Contract

Note: the red and cyan arrows are placed for illustration only, and are not part of the software.

Hawkeye Perspective

The Hawkeye GearBox and GearChanger give you the daily tick speeds optimized for the current market activity. This is a HUGE advantage! This indicator works on all instruments: Forex, stocks, commodoties, ETFs, and index futures. Trade in harmony with the markets with the Hawkeye GearBox and GearChanger.

4 Replies to “How to pick the right tick speed to optimize your chance of emini profit.”

    1. The ultra-fast 770tick is ignored by the GearChanger, but is used by many traders for scalping or trading during congested price action.

      Please contact [email protected] for any issues you have with applying your Levels ATR indicator.

  1. My question is about the Hawkeye GearBox and GearChanger. I am confused about your description of changing the tick count when trading. For example, in normal emini trading I use 3 timeframes: 3, 6 and 12 minutes. When the volume is consistent for all 3 timeframes, I trade the 3 min timeframe. If I were to trade the 6 min timeframe, I would want to set up charts for 6, 12, and 24 min. Your description says to trade whichever of the 3 tick timeframes that the GearChanger specifies. How do you do that if it selects the middle or highest timeframe?

    1. When you change the charts based on tick speed, you use that chart as your fastest timeframe. Then the next 2 higher timeframes would be harmonic to that one… 2x and 4x, respectively. So if GearBox gives you 100/200/400/800 tick speeds and the GearChanger shows yellow (400 tick), then your fastest chart is the 400tick, and you would use the 8ootick and 1600tick as your higher-timeframe confirmation charts.

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