Be Very, Very Careful!

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Be Very, Very Careful!

Last week, we showed how Hawkeye GearBox identified the optimal tick speed to use on Emini futures. Today, let's look at how Hawkeye signals that danger is in the air. Be very, very careful!

Chart 1 - Weekly Emini

This weekly Emini chart illustrates just how Hawkeye called the market beautifully off the weekly volume Roadkill indicator with the large cyan dot (indicated by the cyan arrow). There is a weekly trend run from November 1 2013 with an entry price of 1431 closing today +441 full points on just one contract or +1764 points by using the profit accelerator (Hawkeye) that would multiply profits by a factor of 4!

emini weekly












Chart 2 - Daily Emini

With the weekly in uptrend you could only take long trades on the daily chart. If you were aggressive you could take shorts but with a profit target only disregarding trend runs. BUT WHERE ARE WE NOW? DANGER, YES DANGER. Hawkeye went long on February 14 2014 (indicated by the cyan arrow) and even with yesterday's sell off due to Ukraine the market has gapped up into new highs on declining volume. The unique Hawkeye volume algorithm has shown (as I write on  March 3 2014) it's a no demand bar, so we have a gap up into new highs on no demand. DANGER - tighten up stops and see if distributing volume now comes in.

emini daily

Note: the red and cyan arrows are placed for illustration only, and are not part of the software.

Hawkeye Perspective

Wait and tighten up stops and see if distributing volume now comes in. The party may be over, so be very, very careful!

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