How to Make More Out of the Market

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How to Make More Out of the Market

The Hawkeye Adds is a fabulous cash machine. It tells you visually when and where to add additional contracts, once you are in a trending market.

Chart 1 – S&P Emini (3144 Ticks) Fast Chart

emini adds

There was a powerful downtrend on Tuesday 5/20/14. You can see it on both the fast chart above and the slow chart below. How? Just take a look at the trend dots pushing down. Hawkeye Adds tells us to add contracts to our position (shown by the yellow numbers above). 1 is our first entry, then Adds tells us to add 3 more contracts as the trend continues. Finally it tells us to add a further 2 contracts. BUT remember our intraday rule: only add to your position once.

Chart 2 – S&P Emini (6288 Ticks) Slow Chart

emini slow

[Please note the red arrows are for illustration only and are not part of the software]

Hawkeye Perspective
Knowing when you are in a strong trend resulted in taking 19.5 big points from the Emini instead of 7.50 points using just one contract.

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