Hawkeye Identifies HUGE Market Move!

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Hawkeye Identifies HUGE Market Move!

We are looking for huge moves in grains now. Look at the following charts of the grains. Wheat is at multi-year lows, along with Corn. Do remember, the PEDv outbreak has killed millions of US hogs and they eat corn, so there is lots of supply

Chart 1 –  Wheat Daily Chart

wheat daily

Take a look at the Wheat Daily Chart above. Of course Hawkeye volume picked up the professional selling (indicated by the red arrow).

Chart 2 – Wheat Weekly Chart

wheat weekly

This selling is confirmed by the volume chart on the Weekly Wheat Chart (indicated by the red arrow). What trends!

[The red arrows are for illustration only and are not part of the software]

Hawkeye Perspective

Have a look as well at Hawkeye on the Soy complex. This year has been a near perfect growing season – ample rains and sun.  You will see that Hawkeye Volume is very bearish –  as it is of all the grain complex.

As a note: feeder cattle and live cattle have been a belter of a trend. Be careful, it looks like tops are being put in.

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