Emini traders get a Kiss!

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Emini traders get a Kiss!

It is always so hard to know each day the market price action, and that is where Hawkeye gives you the result.

Chart 1 – Hawkeye Kiss


The Hawkeye Kiss is set to 3 minutes and is a graphical representation of ALL advancing/declining issues on the New York Stock Exchange, Russell and NASDAQ. The green and red lines are just an inverse of each other, so when the green line is rising you know the bias of the market is that there are more stocks being bought than sold. When they are tight together around the centre line (like in this example and indicated by the red and cyan arrows) you know that the market lacks direction. Hence, small trend runs are to be expected.

Chart 2 – Hawkeye Gear Box

gear box

This is the Hawkeye Gearbox and shows you day in, day out, the correct tick speeds to which to set your charts so that you are in harmony with the daily market. These are the numbers with different colors on the vertical right axis. Gearbox is the world’s only tick speed optimizer and uses a complex algorithm to calculate the optimal tick speed of the market for the day ahead. Tick data is most accurate as it represents each change in price irrespective of time. As a result tick charts represent the purest form of data and are the true heartbeat of the market, and YES the Hawkeye Volume algorithm  interprets tick volume as well as time volume. If we see the market range is tight, we have a choice of speeds to trade from. That is the beauty of the GearBox.

[The red and cyan arrows are for illustration only and are not part of the software]

Hawkeye Perspective
So, when the Hawkeye Kiss is in a tight range, we are only expecting short trend runs, so we look at the cyan tick speed and just scalp 1-2 full points (ES).

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    1. Hi Margie. Thank for your interest in Kiss. It is available to Hawkeye Members for $150 (in store price $180). If you need any further information contact us directly at [email protected]

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