Get Ready for a Potentially Great Trade

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Get Ready for a Potentially Great Trade

Are you ready for a potentially great trade? The dollar index is breaking out of an 8-month trading range. This is happening on some of the strongest economic numbers since 2009. The Fed was requiring stronger economic data – and that arrived on Friday.

The sentiment is that there will be a rate raise at the next Fed meeting. If this is the case the dollar rally is just starting and Hawkeye will show the way.

Dollar Index Monthly Chart

Dollar Monthly Chart
We are now approaching the high that was established 8 months ago and a Hawkeye Zone at 104.13, but we require more volume to provide the market energy to breach this overhead resistance.

Dollar Index Weekly Chart

Dollar Weekly Chart
Price is now in a Hawkeye Zone, with the top side being 101.45. However, attendant volume is not rising, which it needs to do to be able to break out to the upside.

Dollar Index Daily Chart

Dollar Daily Chart
Now this really tells us the story: Good increasing daily volume on a Hawkeye Wide Bar on Friday. As a result, price should retrace back into the Wide Bar in the early part of the week.  Then, look for volume to push price up to the Hawkeye Zones area

Hawkeye Perspective

A potentially great trade is in the making. If 101.45 is breached we should be on our way to a substantial Dollar rally, and a potentially great trade. Overhead resistance has to be taken out, so no maverick trades please. But have this on the radar as a potentially extremely profitable trade is being set up.

And remember, if the dollar goes up look to a short bond trade… yet another potentially great trade.

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Good Fortune,

Nigel Hawkes
Hawkeye Traders

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