Which Market Shall I Trade?

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Which Market Shall I Trade?

I often get asked which is the best market to trade; my reply is Bonds. They are world’s largest market by volume of trades (contracts), and have extended trends. As always, look for the longer time frames and here Hawkeye’s Gearbox does the trick.

Bonds – Yellow Time Frame

Bonds Hawkeye GearBox Yellow Timeframe

Here, on the left of the chart, you can see the Hawkeye Gearbox producing the correct tick speed to set your charts to every day, and below is the Gearchanger showing you during the day which speed to trade i.e. yellow = the yellow tick speed etc.

Now look at the chart, you can clearly see where the magenta arrows are indicating where to go short with a full Hawkeye setup.

Bonds – Red Time Frame

Bonds Hakweye GearBox Red Timeframe
The magenta arrows show Hawkeye entries. There is a minus trade (indicated by the cyan arrow), but students of 6 ways a market moves would probably exit when the price entered the congestion zone (indicated by the red circle)

Hawkeye Perspective
Bonds give extended trends. And Hawkeye, using the yellow and red tick speed, gives many swing trade positions

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[The cyan and magenta arrows are for illustration only and do not form part of the software]

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