FEAR: It’s Only a Four Letter Word – Don’t Let the Markets Spook You!

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FEAR: It’s Only a Four Letter Word – Don’t Let the Markets Spook You!

If there is one thing to say about the markets at the present, it is that they are deeply unpredictable. They swing dramatically from hope to fear and back again, catching both professional and retail traders alike. This type of market behavior inevitably leads to fear, frustration, and bad trading decisions which in turn can undermine a trader’s confidence and decimate his or her equity.

The good news is that this does not need to happen to you! The Hawkeye suite of tools and indicators will give you the confidence to not only get into a trade, but keep you in and hold that position as it develops for the longer term.

Our users certainly understand this power and beauty. Chris recently wrote to Nigel saying:

Dear Nigel,
Having traded your Hawkeye Package for the last two months, I write to inform you that I have doubled my equity from my Forex trading since using your system…………
Many Thanks
P.S. If any of your users wish to verify directly with me please feel free to contact me by email.

In fact, in order to succeed as a trader we only need three things:


  • We need an edge – Hawkeye gives us this edge, getting us on the right side of the market, time and time again.
  • We need to be able to control emotion – Hawkeye does this by giving us the confidence to stay in.
  • We need to be able to control risk – Hawkeye does this by giving us clear signals of when to stay in and when to stay out, therefore protecting our equity.

Just last week, we experienced a classic example of the power of Hawkeye! In the Friday morning training room, Nigel demonstrated all three of these principals.

Earlier in the week, equities had sold off sharply and everyone was expecting the week to end on a negative tone. Friday’s open on the S&P gapped up, but Hawkeye gave us the confidence to buy the market. Nigel captured his trade on the ES.D 5484 tick chart. The ES.D had opened, gapped up in anticipation of the ISM (which incidentally came in far better than expected) before carrying on up and ending the trading session on a very positive note.

Interesting Image

While Nigel was trading this market, I was simultaneously looking to take a trade on the Eurodollar. Once in, I too was rewarded with a fantastic trade, which I’ve captured in this week’s video for you:

Hawkeye Training Room Summary.

For those of you new to trading, the Euro is considered a “risk on” currency;  therefore as equity markets rise, we expect to see the Euro rising as well. This is exactly what we saw on Friday.

Needless to say, overnight in Asia and this morning in London, markets have returned to their more usual febrile state. At the time of writing this newsletter, the woes in the Eurozone are once again taking center stage with contagion now appearing to spread from the periphery to more solid countries such as France, Netherlands, and Belgium.

The fear is almost always reflected in the price of gold, which having moved sideways in the last two weeks, now looks set to re-test the $1800 per ounce region. Should this be breached, we may see a further run back towards the $1865 area and beyond.

There are other interesting markets and instruments to watch…In silver, the market has also been in sideways consolidation, which is strongly suggestive of an imminent breakout to the upside. The key price level here is in the $35.35 per region which would then provide a platform of support for a further leg up in the move. Meanwhile, the WTI contract has been in a fantastic uptrend since early October as it now begins to test the psychological $100 per barrel level where the sell-off in the summer was initially triggered.

All these instruments and markets can be traded with confidence using Hawkeye ChartTools. Not only does Hawkeye tell us when to get in, but it keeps us in and helps us ride out these difficult and volatile periods and finally gets us out at a profit, safely.

To register for our Free Live Training Room each Thursday, Register Here!  Forex begins at 8:00am, and Futures/Equities begins at 9:30am, Eastern US time.

Good trading and see you in the training room!

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