Coaching Traders with Adult ADD/ADHD

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Coaching Traders with Adult ADD/ADHD

By Kenneth Reid, Ph.D

Sometimes as traders, we all periodically come up against seemingly insurmountable obstacles… such as when our trusty method suddenly stops working and we are forced to switch horses in midstream.


I specialize in coaching traders with Adult ADHD (perhaps 50% of the trader population) who are always changing horses. The typical trader does not spend enough time with a method to learn it inside out.

Symptoms of Adult ADD include not just a revolving door relationship with indicators and methods, but also overtrading, over-confidence, over-reliance on one’s ability to improvise, and a shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude that makes reading directions a last resort.

I’ve been there; I live there. (When I buy a new appliance the first thing I do is put the directions away in a drawer.)  We like to figure things out for ourselves.

Curiously, the market can induce an ADD-like state in rational individuals who don’t have the disorder. That might have happened to you on your first trading day with Hawkeye.

Trading is like marriage; it looks easy from the outside, but after 5 or 6 years with one system, it doesn’t look the same. Although we are now “experienced,” it’s remarkably easy to regress to a very primitive gut-level approach to problem solving that can destroy an account in a week or two.

Why is that?

Trading is a performance sport. Top athletes are creatures of habit because in the heat of the moment, good habits produce the best results. When we introduce novelty, it degrades our good habits and we have to rebuild them with deliberate practice. So, the best place to practice is by using a SIM account.

I noticed in the previous blog articles that Michele wisely began her Hawkeye Journey in SIM. SIM is very useful if you trade it the same as you would a live account because that takes discipline. It also helps develop and fine-tune your strategy.

I suggest using SIM whenever something new comes into the picture: a new indicator, a new method, a new market, a new platform, a new brokerage. Stay in SIM until you have rebuilt your set of habits. Once you demonstrate you can consistently trade with profits in a SIM account, then you can begin the real work of trading profitably in a live account.

Thanks for your posts, Michele. I’m sure they will encourage and inspire many.

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