How to Find Stocks to Trade by Looking Around Your House

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This Is How You Find Quick, Profitable Trades In ANY Market You Choose

I’m a proponent of finding your trading “niche.”

For me, it’s crude oil.

Having grown up in it, I know the industry like the back of my hand, so it just makes sense.

However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t take a golden opportunity when I see it. 

And that’s the beauty of the Hawkeye system… 

When you know how to read volume and implement the Hawkeye 3-step method, you can take advantage of quick, easy moves in any market you choose… 

Just like this one:

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You Are Cleared For Takeoff To Better Trade Opportunities

As cities and states reopen for business and quarantine-weary citizens take to the friendly skies once again, the opportunities on airline stocks are beginning to present themselves.

In today’s video, I’m showing you how Hawkeye could have helped you spot one such opportunity… 

Want to learn how you can potentially get in front of the next one before it takes off?

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[Free Ticker] This Long Play Is Setting Up Right Now…

Today I want to give you a look at a long entry that I spotted on a tech-sector ETF using the Hawkeye tools and methodology. 

This textbook setup is showing hefty potential… 

And I’m showing you one way you could play it using a leveraged option to potentially maximize your profit while limiting your downside risk.

Check out the video for the details… 

And click here if you want to learn how to spot opportunities like this on your own using the proven Hawkeye system!

A Closer Look At Our Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

One of the biggest benefits of being a Hawkeye trader is our weekly live training and Q&A sessions.

Every Wednesday morning, I host a live session where our members can pick my brain and get my read on trades they’re either considering or currently in. 

I love these weekly sessions, and our members do, too… 

So in today’s video I want to give you a closer look at some of the things we cover each week:

Now if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of the Hawkeye system and how you can get started today, just click here to view our no-cost training video!

How To Respond To Critics And Doubters

When I first started trading, I heard it all. 

“You’re wasting your time… “

“You’ll never beat Wall Street… “

“You may as well go to Vegas and gamble your money away… “

Through that process, I learned the best way to deal with all those who said I’d never make it as a trader… 

Check out today’s video to see what it is:

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The Biggest Advantage You Can Have In Trading

What’s the biggest advantage you think you could have as a trader?

I mean, a crystal ball that could tell you exactly where price was about to go would be nice… 

But we all know that crystal balls are the stuff of children’s fairy tales. 

Well, here at Hawkeye we may not have a crystal ball… 

But we’ve got the next best thing. 

Watch today’s video for the details… 

And click here to learn more about putting the Hawkeye volume system to work for you today!

You Will Not Achieve Success Without This One Critical Element

When it comes to achieving trading success, most people think they need the perfect strategy… 

The right tools… 

And an encyclopedic knowledge of the markets. 

While those things definitely help, there’s one critical element that absolutely must be in place… 

Otherwise, you will never achieve the success you crave — even if all those other things are in place. 

Check out today’s video to find out what it is… 

Now if you’re ready to learn how Hawkeye can help you develop the skills and the self-belief you need to achieve trading success, click here to watch a no-cost training video that will show you how!

Trading Advice From Michael Jordan… ?

You don’t have to be a basketball fanatic to know who Michael Jordan is. 

“His Airness” became a global icon in the ‘90s by leading the Chicago Bulls to two three-peat championship runs, claiming six NBA titles in total. 

But what most people don’t realize is that in order to achieve that level of success, you’ve got to go through a lot of failure in the process… 

And traders like you and me can learn a big lesson from MJ. 

I’m telling you more about it in today’s video blog… 

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Why It Pays To Attend Our Weekly Hawkeye Coaching Calls

Every Wednesday, we host a virtual Hawkeye Traders members-only coaching call.

During these calls, members have the chance to pick my brain on trades they’re currently in…

Trades they’re considering…

And the use of the Hawkeye tools and methodology in general.

And sometimes, we get to watch a picture-perfect trade transpire in real time, just like we did with this one:

Want to learn more about becoming a Hawkeye member and joining these weekly coaching calls? Click here to watch our free on-demand training and learn how!

Pick And Shovel Play On 2021’s Hottest Sector

Many of you know that I love the energy sector.
It’s my main focus in trading…
And my instrument of choice is crude oil futures.
But you don’t have to trade crude to take advantage of the huge opportunities being presented in the energy sector…
And in today’s video, I’m showing you a pick and shovel play that could have handed you a handsome profit using the Hawkeye tools and methodology.
Check it out above…

Using Hawkeye To Maximize Risk-to-Reward Ratios And Stack The Probability In Your Favor

One of the key principles to long-term, sustainable success in the markets is managing your risk-to-reward ratio.

Personally, I like to see at least a 3-to-1 ratio in favor of reward before I’ll commit to a trade.

In this video, I’m showing you one example of using Hawkeye to identify the risk-to-reward ratio and stack the probability of any given trade in your favor:

You can learn more about these powerful tools and how you can add them to your trading arsenal today in this free training video!

Airlines Are Roaring Back To Life… Here’s How I’m Taking Advantage

It’s official… 

Airlines are seeing a huge surge in activity as the vaccine rolls out and folks who have been cooped up for a year finally get back to traveling. 

I personally capitalized on a nice move on an airline stock that met all my Hawkeye criteria… 

Check it out in today’s video blog: 

Want to learn more about the Hawkeye tools and methodology? Click here to view our on-demand training video now!

Hawkeye Spots Primo Entry On The Number One Sector’s Number One Stock

Last year, the energy sector took a beating.

This year, it’s ahead of every other sector in overall gains by more than 10 percentage points.

And Hawkeye spotted a premium entry on this sector’s number one stock.

Check out today’s video to see how you could have used Hawkeye to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity:

Want to learn more about these powerful tools? Click here for my on-demand online training video!

[Profit Alert] Textbook Hawkeye Trade Yields Quick, Easy Gain

Today I want to give you a look into a trade that my members and I just took over at my personal alert service, Big Energy Profits.

Now here’s the thing…

Big Energy Profits is rooted entirely in the Hawkeye methodology.

And this trade is a textbook example of how Hawkeye allows you to develop your own strategy for trading any market you like…

In any timeframe you choose.

I talk to you about these tools every single day…

Here they are in action:

Ready to go deeper? Check out my on-demand training video right here!

The True Value Of Mastering The Hawkeye System

Do you want to know what I love the most about being a Hawkeye Trader?

It’s the freedom it gives me as a trader.

You see, once you’ve mastered our 3-Step Methodology and learned how to leverage our suite of professional-grade trading tools, you can trade in virtually any market…

And any instrument that you choose.

That means that when stocks are getting slaughtered, you can simply shift to futures… or options…

And when a particular sector is beaten down, you can start searching another market — say, commodities — for hot opportunities.

Today’s video blog is a perfect example:

Ready to begin your journey to trading mastery? Click here to take the first step!

How To Read The Market Like A Roadmap

Too many traders are flying blind.

They jump in with no real rhyme or reason…

And they have no idea when… or why… they should exit.

The plain and simple truth is… that’s a recipe for disaster.

But with the right tools in place, you can read the markets like a roadmap and have clear indications for entries and exits…

As well as trade management along the way.

Ready to learn more? Click here to watch our free on-demand training video!

Hot Coffee Tip Pays Handsomely

So the other day I got a hot tip from a good friend of mine who also happens to be one of the smartest traders I know.

He told me that coffee futures were getting ready to run.

Now like I said, this guy is a fellow market professional, and I trust his judgment…

But I also have to stay true to my trade plan.

So as soon as my Hawkeye indicators gave me the green light, I entered this trade with conviction…

And, well, just check out the video to see how it’s performed so far.

Want to learn more about these tools you can use to verify and confirm those hot tips you get from your buds? Click right here and I’ll show you them in detail!

The Tools That Fueled My Financial Transformation

Today I want to do something a little bit different. 

Many of you probably already know that I also run Big Energy Profits, a trade alert service built around the energy market.

But what you may not realize is that my personal trading strategy… the same one I use to find high-probability, low-risk trade opportunities for my Big Energy Profits members… is entirely rooted in the Hawkeye Traders tools and methodology. 

Now, a lot of folks simply don’t have the time to dedicate to studying the Hawkeye method… 

Developing a trade plan… 

And scanning the market day in and day out for high-probability setups. 

For those folks, an alert service like Big Energy Profits can be a gamechanger. 

BEP members simply watch their inbox for my daily updates and trade alerts, then take their position… or take profits… as needed. 

But there are a lot of folks out there — folks like me — who want to go deeper. 

They don’t want to just be handed high-quality trade ideas and opportunities. 

They want to learn how to find these trades for themselves. 

If you’re one of those people, then this video is for you:

Now if you’re ready for a more in-depth look at the Hawkeye tools and methodology and how you can begin implementing them in your trading today, just click here to watch our on-demand training video and discover how it’s done!

Here’s How Small, Consistent Efforts Yield Big Results

Too many traders get hung up on the idea of hitting that one home run trade that will hand them a windfall return.

The reality is that small, consistent efforts can accumulate into major results…

And all without putting too much at risk.

Check out today’s video blog for a perfect example…

And click here to learn more about how the Hawkeye tools can help you achieve consistent wins over the long term!

How Hawkeye Helps You Build Your Own Personalized Trade Strategy

Here’s the truth: no two traders are exactly alike.

That’s why Hawkeye was designed to help ANY trader — no matter what instrument, timeframe or style they prefer to trade — make the absolute most of their time in the markets.

Today, I want to show you how I’ve personally used the Hawkeye tools and methodology to create my own personal trading strategy…

And how you can do the very same thing.

Now if you’d like to go even more in-depth on the Hawkeye method, just click here for our full on-demand training video!

This Often-Overlooked Market Holds Tons Of Potential

Today I want to talk to you about a corner of the market that often gets overlooked.

It’s too bad, too, because there really are some great opportunities that present themselves here…

And I’m showing you just one example in today’s video blog:

Ready to discover more about the Hawkeye methodology? Click here for my full on-demand training video that will walk you through it step by step!

2 Easy Ways To Manage Your Stop

Today I’ve got another textbook Hawkeye trade example to show you just how simple trading with volume can be.

I’m also showing you two ways to manage your stop using the Hawkeye tools…

Check it out:

Ready to learn more? Click here to view our free on-demand training video and see how simple the Hawkeye 3-Step Method can make your trading!

This Is How Simple Trading Really Can Be

We say it all the time here at Hawkeye:

Volume precedes price action.

As long as you understand that concept AND know how to read what volume is telling you, you can do very well for yourself in the markets.

Today I want to show you just how simple it really can be when you have the tools in place to help you understand exactly what volume is telling you…

Check it out:

Want to go deeper on the Hawkeye 3-Step Method and discover how you can put these tools to work for you starting today? Click here to view our free training video!

How to Spot a Primo Entry on the Hottest Crypto Around

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there’s one clear king.

Bitcoin has been pioneering the crypto space since its introduction in 2009, and it’s since become a darling of the trading world.

Today I want to show you how Hawkeye identified a primo entry on Bitcoin before it even broke 30k…

The only question is, would you have taken this trade when Hawkeye gave you the all-clear?

Want to learn more about Hawkeye and how you can be ready for the next best entry on your favorite instrument? Click here for our free on-demand training video!


How To Ratchet Up Your Probability Of Trading Success

Today I’m going to show you some of the tools in the Hawkeye toolkit that help ratchet up the probability of our trades succeeding.

After all, that’s the objective of technical trading…

To give yourself the highest possible probability of making a return on your money.

Check out the video for the details…

And click here to learn how you can get your hands on these tools today!


A Hot New Valentine’s Themed Opportunity

Today I have something special to share with you.

It’s a brand new opportunity I’ve just spotted that you can potentially take advantage of…

On a stock that is appropriate given the recent Valentine’s Day holiday.

Check out the video for the details…

And click here to discover the tools you can use to find opportunities just like this one for yourself on a consistent basis!

Save 50% During Our President’s Day Blowout Sale

It’s President’s Day weekend, and here at Hawkeye Traders, we’re celebrating with a massive blowout sale!

Right now, you can take 50% off the normal retail price of the Hawkeye Standard Package or the Hawkeye Professional Package when you use the code PD2021 at checkout. 

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get started with Hawkeye… 

Or if you’re a current member who’s been waiting on a chance to upgrade to a higher package… 

Then there’s never been a better time. 

With the Standard Package, you’ll get full access to: 

  • Hawkeye Volume Module
  • Hawkeye Pivots and Widebar
  • Hawkeye Trend Module
  • Hawkeye Levels Module
  • Bonus Indicators (Vertical Line, Countdown, and TimeBetweenBars)

The Professional Package includes all that PLUS:

  • Hawkeye Roadkill Module
  • Hawkeye Toolset
  • Hawkeye Gear Module
  • Hawkeye GearFX Module
  • Hawkeye Fatman Module
  • Hawkeye Fatboy Module
  • Hawkeye KISS Module

And, of course, both packages include exclusive access to the Hawkeye Traders Inner Circle, a community of like-minded traders who share encouragement, trade techniques and insights… 

PLUS unlimited access to the complete Hawkeye Traders training library, which includes countless hours of video tutorials and guided lessons.

Simply use coupon code PD2021 at checkout to take 50% off the normal retail price now through Monday… 

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And upgrade your trading today with this rare, limited-time offer!

This Will Keep You Going When Motivation Fades

There’s hardly any better feeling than being truly motivated.

You feel energized, passionate, and entirely focused on the task at hand.

But motivation doesn’t last forever…

And when it fades, this one thing will keep you on the path to achieving your goals.

I’m telling you what it is in today’s video blog:

And if you’re ready to learn more about the system I’ve used to transform my own life through motivation and habit, click here to view a free on-demand training video!

The Sellers Showed Their Hand To Those Who Knew How To Look…

There’s a lot that separates the Hawkeye suite of tools from other volume indicators…

But there’s one difference in particular that is an absolute game-changer for retail traders like us.

In fact, this single feature helps tip you off to major market turns before they happen…

Check out today’s video for the details:

Now if you’re ready to learn more about putting the Hawkeye tools to work for you starting today, click here to view our comprehensive training video absolutely free!

One Of My Favorite Short-Side Signals

Today I want to show you a picture-perfect example of one of my favorite short-side signals.

Here at Hawkeye, we call it the “red top”…

And it can tip you off to some pretty significant moves, just like this selloff on the Nasdaq I’m showing you today:

Ready to discover more about these tools that can help you identify market turns ahead of time? Click here to watch my no-cost training video!

The Hawkeye Setup That Yielded This Quick, Profitable Trade

I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it:

With the proper tools… and a proven, methodical plan in place…

You can find profitable trades nearly every single day.

Today’s example is one that I personally took using the classic Hawkeye system.

Check out the video blog for the details…

And click here if you’re ready to discover how to put these powerful tools to work for you starting today.

Are You Prepared To Grab Opportunities By The Horns?

Every day, the market presents opportunities for traders who are savvy enough to see them.

With Hawkeye on your side, you’ll have no trouble spotting them.

The question then becomes…

Are you prepared to grab those opportunities when they present themselves?

Check out today’s video blog for more…

And if you’re ready to discover exactly how Hawkeye can help you develop the skills and the trade plan to spot and grab these kinds of opportunities, click right here to view a free training video!

I Love Everything About This Company… Especially Its Stock

Most of you know that I mainly trade oil futures.

They’re my bread and butter money makers in the market.

But here’s the thing…

Every now and then, I trade stocks, too.

And when I do, I prefer to trade the stocks of companies that I actually patronize.

And today I’m showing you a beautiful move I captured on one of my favorite businesses — both in real life and in the market.

Check out the video for the details…

And click here if you’re ready to learn more about the system that makes spotting these kinds of profitable trades possible!

Beautiful Position Trade Signaled On This Blue Chip Stock

Today I want to show you an absolutely beautiful position trade I took on a blue chip stock after Hawkeye spotted it as a buy.

Now those of you who have been following me for a while know that these are the types of trades I like — longer term, “passive” position plays that transpire over a few weeks to a few months.

Of course, if you prefer to trade more actively than that, Hawkeye can accommodate you, too.

In fact, Hawkeye works the same no matter what instrument, timeframe, style or strategy you trade.

Check out the video for the details…

And click here to learn more about our simple 3-step system in a free on-demand training video!

High-Efficiency Trading Made Easy

I don’t know about you, but I like my money to work as efficiently as I do.

That means I want to find the highest-probability trade setups…

Identify a conservative yet realistic profit target…

And let the trade run its course.

In the meantime?

I’m out living my life…

Not frantically checking my chart every 5 minutes.

Today I want to show you a picture perfect example I identified using the Hawkeye tools…

Because these opportunities crop up all the time if you simply know where… and how… to look.

Ready to learn more? Click here to watch our free on-demand training video and see how Hawkeye can revolutionize your trading!

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