You Must Learn This Entry Technique

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You Must Learn This Entry Technique

I always preach that you are trading risk rather than a market and the example below highlights just that.

EURUSD Chart Setup

Look at the slowest time frame (bottom left). The Heat Map on the bottom stayed red, both bright and dark, throughout the whole day, indicating the bias was to the downside.

The other two time frames, especially the faster (on the right hand side), gave buy signals. But they were not elected as the slow time frame indicated too much risk.

Hawkeye Perspective

Using triple time frame entries filters the potentially negative trades and ALWAYS  keeps you the right side of the market. 

We demonstrate this and many other methods in our live demonstration room held every Wednesday, and this is open to everyone. Click this link for more information or to join us in class.

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[The red arrows are for illustration only and do not form part of the software]

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