Why trading is the best job ever… (prove me wrong!)

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Why trading is the best job ever… (prove me wrong!)

There are many ways to get paid for doing a job.

Money is definitely a very important one.

But there are many others virtually no one talks about.

And it’s my firm belief that they should always play a role when choosing your next career step.

Because it’s the sum of all the different ways to get paid that truly makes a good job.

So what other ways are there to get paid?

First of all there’s time.

Time is the only thing we can’t buy.

If your job sucks all the time out of your day and you aren’t able to do the things you enjoy or dedicate time to your family, I think we can both agree that’s not ideal.

But don’t get me wrong, trading can also be very time consuming.

There’s people that spend the entire day glued to a screen.

If they’re OK with that, cool.

But it’s not the way I personally like to do things.

That’s why we created the Hawkeye set of tools. But that’s a story for another day.

My point is if you’re paying the company you work for with your time, instead of them helping you make time for the things you deem important, things need to change.

One of the coolest things about being a full time trader is that we can safeguard our time and only invest it in things we choose.

Something else that’s important when choosing your job or career is the sense of fulfillment or enjoyment you get out of it.

Reporting to a boss everyday — especially if they aren’t the nicest person in the world – can be pretty unfulfilling.

I certainly wouldn’t enjoy it. Especially after working for myself for 10 plus years.

I also think it’s important to do something that motivates us and challenges us.

If you do sit every single day in a cubicle doing the same thing, day after day…

It’s hard to be truly happy.

And it’s hard to be truly motivated when your earning potential has a clear ceiling!

That’s why if you have an interest in the markets, economics, or any sector that can be traded, there’s no better job (in my opinion).

Just the fact that you can decide how much you get paid based on your effort and skills is a total game changer.

And finally there’s comfort.

Comfort comes in many ways.

There was a time last year where I feared I had Covid…

And it made me appreciate how lucky I am to not have to travel for work, or commute, or work in a public place risking getting infected.

It’s not only about the virus though — I generally don’t like to do those things.

I’d just rather stay in my safe and comfortable house…
Sitting in my office with my dogs, and having my wife close to me.

People who can make their living working remotely and independently are in the strongest possible position to stay healthy, happy and financially secure for the upcoming future.

That’s why in my eyes the pandemic was an amazing opportunity to get into trading (if you haven’t yet).

And if you didn’t make the leap…

The next best time is always NOW.

All you have to do is watch this training where I show you how I was able to succeed in trading as a former mechanic with no formal education in economics or finance.

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