What Insomnia and Trading Have in Common… and How to Cure It

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What Insomnia and Trading Have in Common… and How to Cure It

Roughly 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia each year.

In the search for a solution to their sleeping problem, many insomniacs get stuck in a never-ending cycle…

Jumping from magic pill, to ancient Chinese meditations, to new science based gadgets and back to the newest magic pill.

What many will never realize is that this constant cycle actually makes their insomnia worse.

… Because when one method doesn’t deliver the desired result, they jump to the next one, and so on.

But here’s the thing…

None of these methods actually work.

Don’t get me wrong — a solution to insomnia does exist…

But the people on top of the food chain — the medical institutions, Big Pharma and gadget manufacturers — don’t support it.



Because it doesn’t make them any money.

Well guess what?

The same thing happens in trading.

I know it happened to me…

The constant search for a way to become a profitable trader not only cost me a LOT of time and money…

Even worse, it took a serious mental and emotional toll.

(Not so) Funny thing is, this quest actually led me to many sleepless nights, just like an insomniac.

I would go to bed frustrated and filled with internal conflict…

Wondering why nothing I was doing was working…

Scared to death about the possibility of not being able to provide for my family…

And scared of being a failure.

It became an obsessive quest to find the one strategy or indicator that would turn me into a successful trader.

But in that quest, I ended up with a screen full of different tools and software packages that didn’t work and only led to more confusion.

Little did I know that trading doesn’t have to be that complex…

IF you use the right method.

But similar to insomnia, the big players at the top such as investment banks, major funds and financial institutions don’t want you to know about that method.

They’d rather promote useless indicators and worthless strategies so they can take advantage of novice traders and have more liquidity.

If you’re on this particular quest yourself, I want you to know that I did find a method that works for experienced and beginner traders alike.

It cost me a lot of money, time and sleepless nights…

And because it helped a regular guy like myself succeed in a world where the big players were pushing me down…

I decided I would make it my mission to help other people succeed as well.

And the best part?

By using this method, you can actually leverage the same advantage those “big players” have over most retail traders.

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