Trading the News Safely

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Trading the News Safely

Yesterday we had a very crude conversation about crude oil. I shared the Hawkeye Perspective on what to look for, and how to watch for the trade setup. Today, I show exactly how it played out, hitting both the upside and downside targets I gave you yesterday. Trading the news safely is possible.

Trading the News

The 3 minute price bar defines the range of the reaction of price to the news event. With patience, I show how volume led me in the direction of the trade setup, and the resulting profit potential. Again, volume shows the reversal and the market’s intent. Therefore, you can make the trade with confidence.

The Hawkeye Roadkill identified when the higher timeframes aligned with my 3 minute chart. This alignment setup, following our 3 Step Entry Method, showed how even more profits could have been made – just following the rules. As a result, confidence could be boosted, and bottom-line results increased.

In summary, the potential results could be $140 on the first trade and $440 on the 2nd for a single contract. If 3 contracts were traded, the results could be $420 on the 1st trade and $1950 on the 2nd. Learn to trade the news safely trading the Hawkeye way.

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