Thursday Currency Breakdown and Advice for Dealing with “Haters”

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Thursday Currency Breakdown and Advice for Dealing with “Haters”

One of the biggest benefits of Hawkeye is that it can be used to trade any instrument, on any timeframe and using any trade style. 

And, I know that there are plenty of Hawkeye traders out there who prefer the forex market. 

So in today’s video, I’m giving a breakdown of the U.S. dollar against some of the major currencies from around the world. 

I’m also sharing a personal story about some of the pushback I got from friends and family when I first started trading… 

And I’m hoping it will help you if you’re experiencing the same thing. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how Hawkeye can help you level up your trading no matter what instrument, timeframe or style you prefer, click right here to view a comprehensive training video!

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