This CL Trade Didn’t Disappoint – CL Continuation Trade

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This CL Trade Didn’t Disappoint – CL Continuation Trade

In yesterday’s update, I showed a nice setup trade in CL and said there was more to come. Well, this CL trade didn’t disappoint. It went on to produce $1,430. But that wasn’t the end. Watch today’s update to see where it went.

Following my Hawkeye rules, the trade setup showed a clear entry and multiple exits. I showed in yesterday’s video the 1st exit: $290 in 45 minutes. It went on and produced another $480 in the next hour, and then $660 in the next 10 mins.

I could not stick with the trade, as I had to prepare for a live webinar. However, when I said it had a lot more to give, it had A LOT more to give.

I shared in the Hawkeye Chat Room this text: “CL is continuing to break long… my target is 56.40”. This target was based on the Hawkeye Zones, a dynamic supply/demand zone indicator. And the final stopping point of CL was right at that Zone!

So when I said there was more profit to come, CL delivered. It went up another $1.50, which equates to $1,500/contract. This CL trade didn’t disappoint. Learn to trade the Hawkeye way.

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