The Perfect Day Trade Setup

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The Perfect Day Trade Setup

Happy Thursday!

Man, we had a great time yesterday in the weekly Hawkeye Members-Only Mastermind coaching session. 

We dissected something that I think a lot of people could really benefit from… 

The perfect day trade setup. 

In today’s video blog, I’m going a little bit longer than usual to give you a condensed version of our coaching session from yesterday… 

And show you my version of the perfect day trade setup — the same setup I used when I was first starting out trading and had a smaller account.

Watch today’s video for a step by step breakdown of a winning day trade setup that you can implement in your own trading… 

And if you haven’t yet watched our comprehensive training webinar that walks you through Hawkeye’s proprietary, price-predicting indicators, then click right here to watch it now at no cost!

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