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The Next 5 Minutes Could Change Your Trading Results Forever

There is no end to the debates among active traders about the pros and cons of swing trading vs. scalping. And the debate has been going on for years. However, in my opinion, two of the greatest failings of most traders are:

  • They trade on too short of a time frame
  • They fail to hold their trades for the maximum profits.

So, in this week’s article, I will highlight how to resolve these two problems by swing trading with Hawkeye indicators.

Below, I’ve included six charts in different time frames and markets. They span everything from stocks to bonds and commodities to Forex. Frankly, I could have included dozens of charts, because these principles of swing trading apply in any market. And by using Hawkeye indicators, finding extremely profitable entries and exits is easy.

The key thing to remember is to wait for the best entries, when all three time frames are in agreement. To illustrate, on each chart, I’ve marked the point where all time frames are in agreement and we are presented with a safe and easy entry as marked by the red and cyan arrows.

In every case, you can see that by waiting until all three timeframes are in agreement, you can enter a long and profitable trend. Then, by holding the trade until your profit target is hit, or you are stopped out, you can make significant profits without all the flurry of trying to get in and out with scalp trading.

Please take a few minutes to carefully study the charts below.

Stock – (Google)

Stocks - Google

Forex – (AUDNZD)

Forex - AUDNZD


Crude Oil

US Bonds

US Bonds

Stocks – (BHP)

Stocks - BHP

Forex – (AUDUSD)

Forex - AUDUSD

Now, all of this (and much more) is demonstrated in our Wednesday room by my colleague Randy Lindsey.

So, I cannot encourage you enough to come along to the Wednesday room.

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[The red and cyan arrows are included for illustration only and do not form part of the software]

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