The Markets are Calm after Impeachment Vote

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The Markets are Calm after Impeachment Vote

The markets are calm after President Donald Trump’s impeachment vote was approved. In today’s update, I review all the major markets and provide the Hawkeye perspective.

The S&P 500, Dow, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, Gold, and Oil markets are all showing muted price today after the US House of Representatives voted to for impeachment. I’m not sure if this is a clear message or not, but one thing is clear: the markets don’t see anything to respond to.

I see potential for the markets to be choppy and range-bound the rest of the week. However, if volatility returns, look for strong pressure for prices to fall sharply back to the daily Hawkeye Trend dots. This would be a healthy correction for the markets anyway, and could setup a potential continuation rally into 2020. But for now, the markets are calm.

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