Tesla Showed 40% in 2 Months

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Tesla Showed 40% in 2 Months

I brought Tesla back again because it is such a good example. Tesla showed 40% in 2 months, and I show exactly why you would see the exact same thing yourself, in today’s video.

Having the right tools…

You see, volume and price working together is the key to everything we teach at Hawkeye Traders. Couple that with our entire suite of tools, and you have a definitive entry/exit methodology that just works. Having the right set of tools and knowing how to use them can really make a difference in your trading, and in your bottom line.

Trading the right stock…

I spoke about $TSLA back in September. Even though it looked terrible, I saw potential. Volume and price were working together to show a high probability trade.

Less than a month later, our tools identified that entry point, with an alignment of multiple timeframe volume and price… a definitive entry with a predefined risk.

Next, I show how one month later, we saw a predefined exit point that existed since 2018. It was a supply zone (Hawkeye Zones) that gave the definitive exit.

The results speak clearly…

Therefore, with $14 risk (defined by Hawkeye Levels ATR), TSLA showed 40% in 2 months, and a $100 reward, or a 7:1 reward:risk ratio. Trading only 30 shares, the potential return would be over $3000. That’s what volume trading is all about.

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