Save 50% During Our President’s Day Blowout Sale

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Save 50% During Our President’s Day Blowout Sale

It’s President’s Day weekend, and here at Hawkeye Traders, we’re celebrating with a massive blowout sale!

Right now, you can take 50% off the normal retail price of the Hawkeye Standard Package or the Hawkeye Professional Package when you use the code PD2021 at checkout. 

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get started with Hawkeye… 

Or if you’re a current member who’s been waiting on a chance to upgrade to a higher package… 

Then there’s never been a better time. 

With the Standard Package, you’ll get full access to: 

  • Hawkeye Volume Module
  • Hawkeye Pivots and Widebar
  • Hawkeye Trend Module
  • Hawkeye Levels Module
  • Bonus Indicators (Vertical Line, Countdown, and TimeBetweenBars)

The Professional Package includes all that PLUS:

  • Hawkeye Roadkill Module
  • Hawkeye Toolset
  • Hawkeye Gear Module
  • Hawkeye GearFX Module
  • Hawkeye Fatman Module
  • Hawkeye Fatboy Module
  • Hawkeye KISS Module

And, of course, both packages include exclusive access to the Hawkeye Traders Inner Circle, a community of like-minded traders who share encouragement, trade techniques and insights… 

PLUS unlimited access to the complete Hawkeye Traders training library, which includes countless hours of video tutorials and guided lessons.

Simply use coupon code PD2021 at checkout to take 50% off the normal retail price now through Monday… 

Click here to get into the Hawkeye Standard Package… 

And click here for the Hawkeye Professional Package… 

And upgrade your trading today with this rare, limited-time offer!

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