$OSTK is on My Radar!

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$OSTK is on My Radar!

Overstock $OSTK is officially on my radar. Today, I came across a post on StockTwits about this renegade company. So I pulled up my Hawkeye charts to see what all the talk was about. I like what I found. Here are the details in today’s update.

Looking at the longer term charts gives me a very good picture of where a stock is at. I like to use the daily, weekly, and monthly charts.

The monthly chart shows a congested downtrend. The weekly chart shows a congested uptrend with signs that today, it will break from that congestion and be in full uptrend. While the daily chart is in full uptrend, it has not given me any signals yet to get on board.

Therefore, Overstock $OSTK is on my radar. I will be watching this former “high-flyer” as it looks to be gaining momentum. Learn to trade the Hawkeye Way.

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UPDATE: As of 18 Sep 2019, $OSTK not only failed to generate an entry signal, it has all but failed… period! It looked good at first glance, but volume on triple-timeframes kept me out of the trade, and in the safety zone!

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