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One of My Favorite Trade Setups

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One of My Favorite Trade Setups

In today’s update I share with you one of my favorite trade setups. Of course, volume leads the way, showing the market’s intent and direction ahead of time. But waiting for the trade to setup and knowing when to enter is the key. It’s called patience, and I’ll show you how we do it in today’s video.

Consolidation is the market’s way of telling you trend is about to occur. At Hawkeye, we teach how to identify consolidation. We also teach how to know when consolidation is broken, and a new trend has begun. So waiting for the trade to setup is the key to catching the trend. That’s why it’s one of my favorite trade setups.

When I see a well defined consolidation area, I know exactly how to define the breakout. Then when volume confirms the breakout, and I get confirming entry signals from my longer time frame charts, I’m free to enter the trade. I enter with confidence and with probabilities on my side.

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