One key ingredient for trading success

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One key ingredient for trading success

Success in any discipline is anything but random.

I’ve always been a big sports guy.

And if there’s someone that knows the inner workings of success, it’s high performing athletes.

To the untrained eye, Tom Brady’s success may seem the result of raw talent.

Which he undeniably has…

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg that everyone can see.

Below the water, though, there’s a precisely calculated routine and a strong work ethic to stick to that routine.

That’s why I’m of the opinion that traders and entrepreneurs in general should behave like high performing athletes.

… And that starts with having a powerful routine that aligns with your trading goals.

A routine is a series of purposeful, repeated behaviors.

Over time, this repetition leads to automaticity, easing the mental expenditure required to complete daily tasks.

For example, your morning routine comes as second nature.

You don’t need a checklist or guidebook. You just do it — and you’re more productive because of it.

Routine is often overlooked because it’s not as sexy as analyzing charts and studying strategy…

But it can be just as important.

If you roll out of bed at 10am and try to place trades from your phone on the way to work, you’re doomed before you even put your “strategy” to the test.

If your approach to trading is random and chaotic, your results will mirror your efforts.

You may experience some sporadic episodes of success, but you won’t develop the habits necessary to sustain a long-term trading career.

There’s no routine that is suited to every trader, but every good routine should…

Be sustainable: If you can’t stick to your routine, why have a routine at all?

Be goal oriented: Your routine should be built around your trading goals.

Give you a boost: A good routine won’t help you be a better trader. But it’ll make you more productive, provide mental clarity, and ease decision making — which will lead to improved trading performance.

Be specific: It should go without saying that a routine should be specific and scheduled. Going to the gym everyday is a habit, but going to the gym every day at 7AM is a routine.

Now that you know the components of a well-rounded routine, it’s time to start designing your own.

Routines are not one-size-fits-all. The best routine for YOU is the one that allows you to achieve optimal performance.

Routines are a key component of your trading plan, which we cover deeply inside Hawkeye.

We help you optimize your routine and create powerful trading and post-market habits.

Now it’s time for you to take action.

Either start working on your routines or check out Hawkeye to learn how we can help you create powerful processes to succeed in trading!

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