Old Republic Intl (ORI) is a Solid Long Trade Idea.

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Old Republic Intl (ORI) is a Solid Long Trade Idea.

In today’s update, I share why Old Republic Intl (ORI) is a solid long trade idea. It’s a solid company with a strong yearly growth record. It has recently consolidated, and is now breaking out. See more in today’s video.

From the charts…

The monthly ORI chart shows a solid foundation of growth for the past 7 yearn. It has good earnings, an attractive P/E ratio, and pays 3.5% dividends. But the best part is the daily chart.

The daily ORI chart shows the stock has just broken from a solid foundation of consolidation, with very good volume. A “double-dot” Roadkill signal confirms this move as a low risk, high probability trade idea. Historically, each break from consolidation has given about 10% price increase, on average. That’s what I expect from this trade idea.

The Hawkeye Perspective

When you see multiple-timeframe alignment of volume and momentum, expect high probability and low risk entries. ORI is setup today to deliver, and I will be looking to take advantage of this setup.

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