No BS Trading Psychology

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No BS Trading Psychology

We’ve all heard that trading is 20% technical and 80% psychological.

Want to know why?

It’s because our emotions short-circuit our logical brains.

This “emotional sabotage” is the main reason why most traders never make it.

… And it’s also why seasoned traders struggle to reach higher monetary gains.

There are a few emotions that can short-circuit our logical brain, such as:

  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Self-doubt
  • Overconfidence
  • But why does emotional sabotage happen in the first place?

    Why do those emotions come up and overtake our rational brains?

    Well, there are a few possible triggers for these emotions:

  • Winning a trade
  • Losing a trade
  • Having an opinion
  • Trading your opinion
  • Over-analyzing
  • Impulsivity
  • Gambling
  • Playing “catch up”
  • Those triggers can give rise to negative emotions that can lead to:

  • Not taking the trade setup
  • Moving stops or targets
  • Entering trades that don’t align with your trade plan
  • Reversing a losing trade
  • Placing entries slowly
  • Closing a winning position before it hits the pre-defined target or stop-loss
  • And all of these usually share one common result: losses.

    Successful traders do things differently…


  • Identify their emotional obstacles
  • Separate those emotions from their trading
  • Trade what they see
  • Are consistent and clinical in their execution
  • Do not think of the potential financial reward of each trade
  • Think in probabilities- not of winning or losing
  • Do not trade opinions
  • So how do you increase your odds of being a successful trader?

    You need to change some of your thought processes…

    Having a minus day does not make you a bad trader
    You cannot “will” the market to do what you want
    You cannot “predict” where the market is going — because the market will go where it wants, when it wants, how it wants

    Something else about being a successful trader that we’ve all learned the hard way is that we do not have to work 12 hours.

    In other words: Trade smarter, not harder.

    Finally, in case you are struggling with emotions and trading… I want to leave you with some important questions to ask yourself.

    These will help you catch yourself when your emotions are interfering with your logical analysis of a trading scenario:

  • Why did you enter the trade?
  • Why did you exit the trade?
  • What were your thoughts and emotional reactions when you had a negative trade?
  • What were your thoughts and emotional reactions when you had a positive trade?
  • I suggest tracking these questions in a trading journal and trying to spot negative patterns that are harmful to your trading.

    You just may uncover a lot of the bad habits and thought processes that are diluting your trading gains.

    If you want more information like this, I personally do a weekly call with Hawkeye members where we review the markets and important lessons (like this one) to help you grow as a trader and make more money.

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