New “Kamikaze” Trading Strategy Exposed

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New “Kamikaze” Trading Strategy Exposed

One of the questions I get asked the most is:

“Which trading strategy will make me more money?”

Of course, there’s more than one way to skin a cat…

And more than one way to be profitable in the markets.

With that said…

There’s one particular strategy that I recommend you learn about today…

So that you can AVOID it at all costs.

It’s called the YOLO strategy…

… And it’s a bulletproof method for burning your account to the ground as fast as humanly possible.

As the name indicates (YOLO = You Only Live Once), it’s a method based on the “all or nothing” philosophy…

And it’s the strategy that the speculators in the WallStreetBets subforum employ.

By the way, did you know their Reddit subforum grew from 1.7 million subscribers to 7.6 in the span of a week? That’s insane!

I guess that’s what happens when you start an all-out war between Wall Street and retail traders, which may just lead to a revolution that will change how the markets and the financial establishment work forever.

Cheers to them for that – love it!

Anyway, what these guys do is they find a stock they like, close their eyes, and dump their ENTIRE trading account into it.

There are great rewards, so if it goes well they make good money.

But there’s also a huge risk, so if it goes bad… they lose EVERYTHING.

You’ve probably heard about their massive short squeeze… the GameStop frenzy?

Some of them did win a lot of money, and fair play to them. They deserve it.

But others will have to pay the piper when the price stabilizes and goes back to normal.

These guys are like a legion of Spartan warriors happy to die in the heat of the battle.

They are not afraid of losing all their money, which automatically disqualifies them from being traders.

In fact, I was watching an interview with the founder of WallStreetBets, and he said point-blank:

“They are treating the market like a casino. These guys are not traders or investors – they’re gamblers.”

I think that’s clear. Traders who know what they are doing don’t need to rely on gambling.

The spike was massive though, and temptation did kick in…

I mean, their stock was up 1,700% at a certain point.

Who doesn’t want to catch a move like that? I’m no surfer, but that’s a wave I’d like to ride!

But I didn’t…

I wasn’t going to risk my hard-earned money on some stock pumped by a random forum.

Any dip could mean the run was over, and I’d be stuck holding the bag.

That’s not how we do things at Hawkeye.

We are all about trading smartly, and with a plan, so that you can make money consistently and reliably.

So that you actually have a shot at securing your future…

Instead of gambling your hard-earned money away on a YOLO trade.

That’s all for now.

I don’t know how this situation will unravel, but I’ll keep you posted.

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