Mining the Gold Market for Potential Opportunities

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Mining the Gold Market for Potential Opportunities

In today’s video blog I’m taking a look at gold, which historically trades very strongly through the month of September. 

Currently, the commodity is in the process of re-testing its all-time high… 

And although it’s experiencing a bit of congestion at the moment, there is a potential upside target if things get dicey in the overall markets and investors retreat to gold as their safe haven. 

Of course, there’s always the possibility of retracement, too… 

But the beauty of Hawkeye is that no matter which way gold goes, you’ll be better equipped to be on the right side of it… and to have your targets staked out ahead of time, too. 

Check out the video to see my analysis of the gold market as well as my breakdown of the charts overlaid with our Hawkeye tools…  

And if you’d like to learn more about how Hawkeye can help you understand what the markets are telling you in a whole new way, click here to watch a more in-depth training video!

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