Learn How Hawkeye Volume and Trend Show End of Trend Run (Not a New Entry)

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Learn How Hawkeye Volume and Trend Show End of Trend Run (Not a New Entry)

Over the previous weeks, we have produced information that identifies great trading opportunities in Stocks, Forex, Futures and Commodities. Today, we want to look specifically at the Sugar (SB) futures market, with a particular focus on how Hawkeye Volume and Trend shows the end of a trend run, but not necessarily a new entry.

Chart 1 - Daily

This Sugar daily chart shows an extended daily trend down. Then we get stopping Volume coming in (indicated by 2 red dots on the Volume under the cyan arrow), pushing the market up.

sugar daily

Chart 2 - Weekly/Monthly

Both these Sugar charts (weekly and monthly) are in down trends (indicated by the red arrows). This prevents a long entry on the daily chart. However "6 Ways a Market Moves" shows a weekly congestion entry.

sugar  weekly monthly

Note: the red and cyan arrows are placed for illustration only, and are not part of the software.

Hawkeye Perspective

The market looks like its moving into volume accumulation mode as it bottoms on the weekly chart. This could lead to a congestion entry. Wait and see how Hawkeye Volume indicates either a break-out to the upside or a reversal into the monthly downtrend. This market will provide a great trading opportunity soon. Have patience.

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