In FOREX, the Fatman is Boss! It Makes Money.

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In FOREX, the Fatman is Boss! It Makes Money.

I really want you to look closely at this 5 minute $USDJPY chart.

$USDJPY 5 Minute Chart
USDJPY 5 Minute Chart

Looking at the Hawkeye Fatman, the colored spaghetti on the left-hand side of the chart, each colored line represents a single currency… the first cyan arrow is showing that the cyan line (USD) has started to rise. The magenta line (JPY) just to the left is bending down showing weakness. So the Hawkeye Fatman has identified the USDJPY as the pair to trade.

Now let’s look at the chart on the right-hand side, the USDJPY 5 minute. The first cyan arrow shows where there is a Hawkeye Roadkill dot, the small cyan dot at the commencement of the London session. This confirms exactly what the Fatman is telling you… USD strength, and JPY weakness. This is the point to enter long the USDJPY.

Now, let’s move back to the Fatman and look at the first red arrow down, that also coincides with the red arrow down on the price chart, telling you that the US dollar is starting to get weak. However, the Hawkeye Trend indicator shows the trend is still in tact as price rides through this congestion, and as shown with the final cyan arrow, both on the Fatman and on the price chart, the Trend has taken you through congestion and taken you up and further 40 pips than if you had exited too early.

The Hawkeye Perspective

This is a classic example of the power of Hawkeye Trend and Hawkeye Fatman. Let us teach you how to use these indicators to enhance your wealth.

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  1. helllo Nigel,
    I attended your last Saturday 2 November 2013 webinar on Hawkeye Premium and i think its really great and reviling. I have being trading Forex for four years now and invested little above $5000 but all i ever had is loss. I have carefully follow your work and i believe it will help me be a successful forex trader. I will love to be one of your successful Hawkeye student that will tell the success story of your Hawkeye if you can give me a chance. I only have $500 for the software now and am willing to pay 3 times to complete the total $1997 for the total package. Please help stop this continuous loss in my forex trading. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thaks Babatunde from Nigeria

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