How to Get Emini Trend Runs

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How to Get Emini Trend Runs

Trade of the Week

In this week’s example I have turned the stops off and made the trend dots white. I am using the tick values generated by the Hawkeye GearBox, a unique tool that gives you the correct tick speeds to trade every day.

I can now see how the market is trading using Hawkeye’s “Six ways a Market Moves.” It is vital that you have this knowledge when you trade. No other educator gives this amazing edge!

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In the chart below,

  1. At the red arrow you can see the trend dot is lower than the previous trend dot and the close of the bar is less than the open.
  2. At the white arrow, you can see a small magenta dot under the white arrow. This is generated by the Hawkeye Roadkill indicator showing an entrance to the downside.
  3. At the cyan arrow, you can see the trend dot is flat and the close is above the trend dot, and green buying volume has come in… exit for a potential 12.5 point move.


The Hawkeye Perspective 

In conclusion, avoid trading any market without knowing the “Six Ways the market Moves!”

It’s the key to being a great trader, and now you can get in on the action at the next Hawkeye Seminar in Phoenix in October.

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Good trading!

Nigel Hawkes

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