Hawkeye Volume Told You 10 Days Before the Market Sold Off

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Hawkeye Volume Told You 10 Days Before the Market Sold Off

The Dow (YM) is a classic example of selling distribution volume.

Chart 1 Daily

This shows 10 days of selling volume occurring at the top of the uptrend (indicated by the red arrows), with the Hawkeye trend going white indicating no momentum.


dow daily

Chart 2 Weekly

This shows three weeks of neutral volume (indicated by the red arrow) with a Hawkeye pivot (red arrows) to the left so we expect a 3,5,7 bar reversal.

dow  weekly

Note: the red arrows are placed for illustration only, and are not part of the software

Hawkeye Perspective

Until 15,640 is broken on close this is just a pull back in uptrend. If that price level is broken a new weekly downtrend will be in place.



3 Replies to “Hawkeye Volume Told You 10 Days Before the Market Sold Off”

  1. Did you put out a warning 10 days ago that the market would be selling off? If you did I missed it. Yours is the fourth software company I’ve received this week that said their software predicted the sell-off. One was a “proprietary” fractal provider, another moving average combination, the third was a chart pattern teacher, and then yours with volume. The problem is that none of these companies published the sell-off before it happened. All of them came out afterwards and said, “see, our software predicted the sell-off well in advance.” So if you did put out a warning 10 days ago of a market sell off could you post the URL so we could see the warning?

    1. 15,640 is the Hawkeye Crash Barrier and is shown by the solid green line under the cross and price bar. It is based on standard deviation and average true range.

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