Hawkeye Volume shows the low interest rate party is over

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Hawkeye Volume shows the low interest rate party is over

The party is unwinding on low interest rates so get ready for inflation. Who knows when, but it’s in the pipeline — it’s just a matter of time, so lock in these low rates asap.

On the daily chart

The cyan arrow shows a double bottom (yellow Hawkeye pivot dots on the price) which indicates the market is oversold, so a rally here offers a great opportunity to get short.

bonds daily

On the weekly chart

Downtrend on declining volume again showing a small rally will occur here.

Markets don’t go down on low volume, they either go into congestion or it is the start of accumulation for an up-move.

US Treasury Bonds

On the monthly chart

This is telling the story, after a rally lasting from 2008 the party is over. Look at the red down arrow. All Hawkeye indicators are short:  red monthly selling volume, red trend dot down and solid red Heatmap showing all trends are to the short side.

US Treasury Bonds

The Hawkeye Perspective

Brace yourself; low interest rates are over. It will take some months to come to an end. Any rally to the upside is a great opportunity to get short. But protect you and your family; this could be a huge trade so immerse yourself and study Hawkeye Volume — the only non-lagged indicator.

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