Hawkeye teaches you to Swing!

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Hawkeye teaches you to Swing!

Apple, the most highly held stock in the USA, is great to swing trade. Let Hawkeye teach you how to swing trade the $AAPL.

Chart 1 - Apple 60-Minute Chart

appl 60 mins

This 60 minute chart shows that the market has entered congestion and the unique Hawkeye Volume indicator is showing accumulation volume (as indicated by the cyan arrow).

Chart 2 - Apple 30-Minute Chart

appl 30

Although the 30-minute trend has been up there is no volume support and the 60-minute trend is flat (as indicated by the cyan arrow). So although the bias was to the long side, volume was not pushing up prices but showing accumulation.

Note: the cyan arrows are placed for illustration only, and are not part of the software.

Hawkeye Perspective - Swing Trade

Market bias is to the long side, as shown by the 30 and 60 minute charts, where both are showing accumulation. Even the 120 minute chart (not shown) is showing accumulation. But patience is required - a break above the last pivot high on the 30-minute chart (indicated by the yellow dot) at 530 will show the commencement of the swing trade. So, did we show you how to swing trade with Apple?

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6 Replies to “Hawkeye teaches you to Swing!”

  1. THank for the info.
    Is there a fixed sequence of actions for the trader to take before he starts trading on intraday? My friend told me look for gren volume bars,then look for green heat map and jump into trade as green dot appears below the price bar.
    I try to check if this sequence works but i find the the first green dot has price at a real high. how to deal with this issue? thnks regards

    1. Absolutely Ram. We use our 3-step process to identify and confirm entries. Please refer to the members area for documentation on our trading rules. We look at 3 timeframes for confirmation, using Trend, volume and momentum on the fast time, volume and momentum on medium, and volume on slow times. Use multiple harmonic timeframes (x2 or x3 multiples) for confirmation before entering… We teach this in our live training rooms each week.

  2. I am confused

    the 30 minute chart is showing no demand in fact looks to be in congestion – there is no trend and the heat map is not showing green or red

    The 60 min chart (mid term chart) is also showing congestion with no green or red in the Heatmap no green volume bars and the trend is flat showing congestion

    There is no longer term 120 min chart so unable to confirm but even based on two charts there is no clear direction or entry point.

    Please let me know if I have this wrong.


    1. =) This is the main point Daryl – we are not seeing any trend action as confirmed by higher timeframes… what we see is accumulation and no-demand volume. So our perspective says that patience is needed here to wait for the charts to signal that buying/selling pressure has resumed, and that a specific trend direction has been identified by our unique indicators. Markets usually breakout of regions of accumulation or distribution, and it is that breakout that we see coming and are waiting for.

  3. About the entry trade, after the break above the last pivot high, in this case: In chart 30 minutes; we need heat map in bright green and volumen green with 2 bars.. and In chart 60 minutes; the last bar must be green….

    1. This chart example does not show an entry trade, but a way to analyze the multiple times to show volume does not support a breakout, but accumulation and continued congestion. So your analysis is correct… wait for the confirmation of the 60min chart and the 120min chart. Then you will have more confidence that the trend will commence to your satisfaction.

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