Gold Setup Showed $3900 in 1.5 Hours

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Gold Setup Showed $3900 in 1.5 Hours

Today, a gold setup showed $3900 in 1.5 hours. Following volume and price in the gold markets lead to a rule-based entry with confidence. I review how the expectation was known last week in a previous update.

Daily Charts…

First we review the GLD gold ETF and GDX gold miners ETF, showing the potential reversal signals were validated on the daily charts. The reversal signals at this point are more corrections, but in time, may become full reversals. Only time will tell.

The Strategy…

Based on these corrections, we began looking for intraday trades in the direction of the daily correction.

And today, we were not disappointed. The gold futures contract GC showed us a beautiful rule-based entry right at market open. The entry was lead by volume of course, and show visibly by Hawkeye Volume.

Using 5 contracts, the results were 3:1, 5:1, and 7:1 Reward:Risk levels showing $3900 in potential profits in only 1.5 hours. That’s enough to pay for your Hawkeye Professional Package plus some. Today, the gold setup showed $3900 in 1.5 hours… what will tomorrow bring?

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