Gold is on Fire – Hawkeye is Still Bullish on Gold

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Gold is on Fire – Hawkeye is Still Bullish on Gold

Gold is on fire! Hawkeye identified a bullish trend in Gold (GC) on June 3rd, 2019. If taken, the trade is worth $21,270/contract today. Using the Hawkeye Profit Accelerator, that same trade would have built up to $148,890 as of today. Since the bullish trend is still in tact, we expect to see more in the future.

Obviously, the chart shown is a daily chart. So the margin and account size needed would not be suitable to a beginning trader. But consider the opportunities that each day provides to those who know what to look for. So look for these same type of setups and trades, which will occur on an intraday basis, and trade them the same way.

Personally, I prefer to use the 3 minute, 6 minute, and 12 minute charts for intraday trend trading. Look for opportunities within the bigger trends.

The idea is this: identify the trend, stick with the trend, and build your position on strength. We have a suite of indicators that help you do just that. Yes, gold is on fire. Learn to trade gold the Hawkeye way.

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