Classic Commodity Setups and Apple Review

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Classic Commodity Setups and Apple Review

Three charts to look at this week.

Let’s start with America’s most widely held stock, Apple.

Apple Daily Chart

Looking at the daily chart, I have placed a blue line after Apple had a Wide Bar down (first blue arrow) then rallied back up.

There are now six Hawkeye Pivot lows, and the Trend is neutral, indicating congestion. But look at the Hawkeye Volume (last two blue arrows) – classic accumulation volume. So expect a test to 116 area, and if taken out, the commencement of an uptrend.

Now let’s take a look at Coffee.


The Wall St Journal said this week that food prices have increased for the first time in 18 months, and the Brazilian Real is showing strength, which is good news for coffee and the charts are starting to support this.

Let’s look at the monthly chart first. It has a Pivot low coming in (indicated by the cyan arrow) if the price continues up. The weekly has phantom Pivot lows and green buying Volume (indicated by the cyan arrows), and the daily is in up Trend with good accumulation volume over the past two weeks

And finally Live Cattle.

Live Cattle

The monthly chart shows the price right down and found support at the Hawkeye stops (indicated by the cyan arrow). The weekly has a Hawkeye Pivot low and green buying Volume (indicated by the cyan arrow). The daily shows a great example of accumulation volume taking place after a considerable down trend (indicated by the cyan arrow).

Hawkeye Perspective
Be patient, a set up is imminent in all three markets.

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[The blue, cyan and magenta arrows are included for illustration only and do not form part of the software]

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